All the News Thats Fit To Print (and then some)

Hi there!
My name is Bianca. I have an AA degree in Communication, a BA in Sociology/Womens & Gender studies and an unending supply of opinions about current events, particularly issues that affect women in the United States. I consider myself a moderate but lean liberal so you’ve been warned. I love entertaining different opinions however I do not tolerate abuse (name calling, demeaning remarks, talking down to others etc). I may also comment about pop culture and how it relates to feminist issues. I feel looking at heavy topics with pop culture as a reference puts it into  more “user friendly” examples.

I will be commenting on a variety of topics. This is a  preview of possible topic  ideas:

the “whats your excuse?” lady & kids photo

Miley Cyrus: Feminist or product of a misogynist society?

Rush Limbaugh & the war on women

Food stamps cuts and its primary effects on women

Daisy Coleman and the Maryville Rape case

breast cancer awareness month

the focus on reproductive health in this country when heart disease is the number one killer of women


10/23/13 EDIT This is slowly becoming a long list. I literally  add to it daily so I don’t forget all the topics I want to touch on. THAT’S How much “women’s issues” are in the our daily lives. To be continued…





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