Women’s political issues…aren’t they all?

According to the Twitter feed of Moms Demand Action,  “14,940 children and teens have been injured or killed by guns since , including the 2 in school today.”  I have not verified this fact, and that’s not the purpose of this blog. In regards to the Twitter page in question, someone asked “since when is gun control a women’s issue?”  That is a (no pun intended) loaded question.  You see while the topic of “guns”  may inspire images of hunters, criminals, police, crazed lunatics, the reality of it is EVERYTHING that has to do with society is a “women’s issue.” There is a famous statistic  that if women ran the world there would be no war (again, not verified..yet). The topic of war in and of itself may  not be a women’s issue but as women make up over half of society, ANY issue that affects society can & is a “women’s issue.”


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