Peace & Prayers for Andy Lopez, for the police and for everyone

Today in Santa Rosa, CA there will be a rally in Courthouse Square with open mic for those wishing to express their views, condolences etc in regards to the shooting death of Andy Lopez.  I think peaceful protest, open mic and rallies are excellent ways for people to express themselves in this regard. Martin Luther King Junior & Mahatma Gandhi were both peaceful leaders who made an impact. While I am not going to be present at today’s events, I say prayers for all. I truly hope that people will gather, mourn, support one another & express themselves in a good way. There is an expected crowd of 1000 so its somewhat ironic police presence will be needed to ensure public safety. I implore all attendees to refrain from insults or any abuse of officers.  Please consider the safety of your fellow attendees as well as how your actions may affect the public perception of the entire group. Yesterday there was a small group of people protesting with plastic replica guns. This is not peaceful! This is not positive! It simply shows the entire thing just went over your head. As I type this, the first rally should be in full swing. I pray for everyone’s safety.  As a community, everyone is grieving for Andy. Everyone wants answers. Answers will come certainly, but please lets let the investigation take its course so facts can presented in full.


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