Dear Mom Who Cant Afford Organic Food

Dear Mom Who Cant Afford Organic Food

I should first start with a disclaimer…my philosophy on life in general is weigh choices individually, not blindly via some (or any) blanket cause. I buy organic food whenever possible. I shop locally whenever possible. However this lady describes me. My family is lower income but too high for food stamps. We have a tight grocery budget which gets tighter if an emergency arises. That said I disagree with the insinuation that a bag of chips is cheaper tan an organic apple. That may be true but…there are plenty of other healthier choices that are inexpensive. Rice cakes? Pretzels? Yogurt?

THAT SAID….my personal opinion & direct observation is that there is a definite segment of the pro-natural living movement that  are downright ignorant and elitist. I do mystery shopping & get to use a gift card 1x month at a natural foods grocery chain. A $50 gift card buys me 2 bags of groceries there. I COULD NOT afford to my regular shopping at this store.Nio matter how important my family’s health is (and it is) to me, I DO NOT have $600 month for groceries.  However just because one cant shop full time at Whole Foods etc doesnt mean they are sentenced to a life of processed cheese food and soda. Theres a lot people can do to be healthy & cut out processed foods etc w/o killing their budget but the ppl who insist only organic food from independent stores etc seem to be separated from reality a little.


And I am pretty pro-natural living, we compromise on a few things at the grocery store ($3 ranch dressing NOT Made with corn syrup, real honey not made w/ corn syrup, etc I have my priorities intact) And I would never buy a bag of Chips in lieu of healthy food. ITs more a matter of being informed AND staying within your budget. The farmers markets can be cheaper than the Whole Foods for instance. Grocery Outlet is a good place to buy some cheaper natural foods.


LGBT‬ retirement community opens doors in ‪Santa Rosa, CA

I’ll blog more on this later, I just saw the headline in my Facebook scrolling & thought “wow! how cool for LGBT people” and thought I would share. I’m working my day job today so more later….

#‎FountaingroveLodge‬, ‪#‎LGBT‬ retirement community opens doors in ‪#‎santarosa‬

Find Jason Kyles

Find Jason Kyles.” This is more than a directive, more than a hashtag on Twitter or a page on Facebook. This is the desire of thousands of people, strangers and family alike, to find a man missing in the area since February. According to the blog of Jason’s wife, Rebecca, “Jason left home around 10 am on Friday, Feb. 1st.  Rebecca Kyles, reported that when she left for work at 7 am that day Jason seemed fine…Saturday morning, Feb. 2nd, Rebecca received a call from the Sonoma Sheriff’sOffice reporting that they had located Jason’s truck on private property after receiving a call from a woman that had spoken with Jason.  Jason was seen entering Annadel State Park around 9 am.  His wife got to the trail-head about 2 pm and started handing out a flyer and asking people if they had seen him… He has not been seen since….” It is thought that Jason may be suffering a manic episode and living among the area’s homeless populations. There has been a huge effort on the part of Rebecca to keep the search alive. She works tirelessly to follow up on tips and post updates on the Facebook page she created about the search for Jason. ( Thousands of people have joined the Find Jason Kyles page to keep updated on search activity and potential sightings. Total strangers have given up time from their lives in order to follow up on possible leads. In reading through all of the updates, the possible sightings, the confirmation that a sighting was not Jason, you can feel the disappointment from his wife. I”m but one of the many that check each day to see if there is any news regarding Jason. I hope along with others that each lead will pan out. I mourn with others when leads turn out to be false hope. Jason is not just a missing person. He is missing among us. Jason did not go to a place where no one cares, as evidenced by the outpouring of love shown from our community. This is not a big city like Oakland or L.A. where he easily could disappear into the masses. I Implore all of you to check out his Facebook page, memorize his face, look for him as you go about your day. Find Jason Kyles.

Government shutdowns, meltdowns & letdowns

I wrote this piece for a local newspaper a few weeks ago but thought I’d share her just for fun. So I’m sorta becoming a legit writer…who knew?I cranked out another piece at under 350 words though I seriously hate having to limit myself…I always have more to say!

This week Congress showed the American people that they are ready to throw their wishes in the toilet. Congress effectively sent home 800,000 workers in what President Obama labeled ” an ideological crusade” by GOP lawmakers determined to gut his healthcare law. It seems its time to impeach a great deal of Congressional members who feel their job is not to represent the people in a democracy but to exact their will in more totalitarian fashion. The GOP, as well as the Democrats, would do well to return to kindergarten and relearn good old fashioned conflict resolution skills. This week Congress showed the American people that they are ready to throw their wishes into the toilet. Congress sent home 800,000 workers in what President Barack Obama labeled an “ideological crusade” by GOP lawmakers determined to gut his health care law. It seems its time to impeach a great deal of Congressional members who feel their job is not to represent the people in a democracy but to exact their will in more totalitarian fashion. The GOP as well as the Democrats would do well to return to kindergarten and relearn good old fashioned conflict resolution skills. The fact that a government shutdown is looming on the horizon is unacceptable and absurd.The shutdown will cause hundreds of thousands of people to stay home without pay…but that doesnt include a single member of Congress or the President. at a rate totaling more $250,000 a day, our tax dollars will continue to flow freely into the pockets of those who are refusing to work for them. What a rather ironic state of affairs caused by the GOP who pride themselves on not overspending.

In light of the GOP’s desire to be fiscally conservative with our money , one has to wonder how wasteful it is to hold a vote on something not once, not twice…but forty times.  The definition of “insanity” in the Websters dictionary is “such unsoundness of mind, lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity  required by law to enter into a particular relationship…or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility.’ We are living in an age where the insane truly are running the asylum. House Republicans are akin to small children who repeatedly ask for something even after being told “no.” The people of America have voted for this. As with small children, its time to calm down, listen and accept what’s being asked of them to do. Otherwise it’s time for everyone who is no longer interested in doing their job to take their ball and go home

How We Teach Kids Women Are Liars

This article is long but interesting & makes valid points all around. From a Facebook thread where I picked this up” It’s true that humans lie (men AND women), however there is definitely a cultural bias against believing what women say.The article isn’t saying that women don’t lie. It’s not talking about whether one gender lies more than another. The article is talking about the fact that women commonly presumed to be lying because of sexism and misogyny built into our culture.” This is a very astute honest collection of statements regarding our society.  Our culture is very male-centric, giving validity to statements made by men but second guesses to women. This applies not only in serious areas (Like a woman accusing a man of rape and not being believed) but in the workplace, schools, etc. The article reinforces my opinion in stating “first, lessons about women’s untrustworthiness are in our words, pictures, art, and memory. It’s simple enough to see how we are overwhelmingly portrayed as flawed, supplemental, ornamental, or unattainably perfect. It’s also easy to find examples of girls and women routinely, entertainingly cast as liars and schemers. For example, on TV we have Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23, Devious Maids, and, because its serpent imagery is so basic to feminized evil, American Horror Story: Coven.” Its everywhere, and we soak in these ideas without realizing the effect. Men lie to folks. A lot. Bill Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman”? There ARE women who lie about being raped…just as there are men who lie about not raping someone. It works both ways. We are all HUMAN. We are all EQUAL in this regard that we all have the ability to be honest or dishonest. Hows about if we just heed to the notion innocent until proven guilty and not presume and project? Can we do that? I think we can.

Open letter to the town of Maryville regarding the assault of Daisy Coleman

This was a letter I sent to the editor of the local paper in Daisy Colemans hometown. I didn’t get a reply so I posted it to the Facebook page and addressed it to the entire town. I didn’t get many replies but the few I got were a bit half cracked, not pro-Daisy, not in agreement or expressing concern for their town. Not surprised but I am re-posting it here in my blog.
To the townspeople of Maryville
In January of last year, a young girl by the name of Daisy was assaulted by a boy described as a “popular senior” and grandson of a politician.
You note that your town is having a “rally for justice.”
I certainly hope this rally involves support for Daisy, and a call to prosecute these boys. But given that your newspaper took the time to note that sex with a drunk 14 year old was “consensual” I highly doubt that.
I don’t know all the facts but I know enough to be disgusted with Maryville. For those of you stating this isnt your town or a real portrayal of the people there, I call you out to then do something instead of standing back and allowing what is happening to continue. This girl was harassed instead of supported. This girl was antagonized by many, instead of the BOY who did this. More concerning is the modern day lynching this family received by way of having their HOUSE BURNED down. Why is there not justice for DAISY?
The response from your town towards this girl & her family is horrifying. So these guys are “popular” & well connected. Would a single one of you want YOUR daughters going to a party with them?

SHAME ON YOU Maryville.

Bianca May
northern California