Choices choices

I promise I will primarily be BLOGGING here but there’s a place for video clips & meme’s…especially this one. It makes a very valid point that people probably know subconsciously. Society projects an enormous amount of mixed messages on women. Women who are confident in their sexuality are either modern women or sluts. Women who stay home to raise children are out of touch or pox’s on the system. Women who don’t have children are told that they are selfish or strange. Adding to this is the fact that society at large tends to have a view that “feminist” is still a 60’s-era bra burning hippie lesbian. Feminists come in many forms.There is not one singular “type” (I will blog more on this separately). Female empowerment happens when we all support each other and our choices, no matter what those are.


2 thoughts on “Choices choices

  1. I actually just did a blog that more or less just ended with me shaking my head about how divided the feminist community is on pretty much everything. Every time I read this meme, part of me thinks that it’s just as likely to be a feminist accusing them of “hurting the cause” on the side.

    • I took a class on feminist theory & It was eye opening. I had similar (singular) view of what a “feminist” is but actually there’s many different “types.” And yeah I think ppl just need to respect each others choices instead of dragging each other down for varying lifestyle choices… that in itself seems anti-woman.

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