Open letter to the town of Maryville regarding the assault of Daisy Coleman

This was a letter I sent to the editor of the local paper in Daisy Colemans hometown. I didn’t get a reply so I posted it to the Facebook page and addressed it to the entire town. I didn’t get many replies but the few I got were a bit half cracked, not pro-Daisy, not in agreement or expressing concern for their town. Not surprised but I am re-posting it here in my blog.
To the townspeople of Maryville
In January of last year, a young girl by the name of Daisy was assaulted by a boy described as a “popular senior” and grandson of a politician.
You note that your town is having a “rally for justice.”
I certainly hope this rally involves support for Daisy, and a call to prosecute these boys. But given that your newspaper took the time to note that sex with a drunk 14 year old was “consensual” I highly doubt that.
I don’t know all the facts but I know enough to be disgusted with Maryville. For those of you stating this isnt your town or a real portrayal of the people there, I call you out to then do something instead of standing back and allowing what is happening to continue. This girl was harassed instead of supported. This girl was antagonized by many, instead of the BOY who did this. More concerning is the modern day lynching this family received by way of having their HOUSE BURNED down. Why is there not justice for DAISY?
The response from your town towards this girl & her family is horrifying. So these guys are “popular” & well connected. Would a single one of you want YOUR daughters going to a party with them?

SHAME ON YOU Maryville.

Bianca May
northern California


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