Find Jason Kyles

Find Jason Kyles.” This is more than a directive, more than a hashtag on Twitter or a page on Facebook. This is the desire of thousands of people, strangers and family alike, to find a man missing in the area since February. According to the blog of Jason’s wife, Rebecca, “Jason left home around 10 am on Friday, Feb. 1st.  Rebecca Kyles, reported that when she left for work at 7 am that day Jason seemed fine…Saturday morning, Feb. 2nd, Rebecca received a call from the Sonoma Sheriff’sOffice reporting that they had located Jason’s truck on private property after receiving a call from a woman that had spoken with Jason.  Jason was seen entering Annadel State Park around 9 am.  His wife got to the trail-head about 2 pm and started handing out a flyer and asking people if they had seen him… He has not been seen since….” It is thought that Jason may be suffering a manic episode and living among the area’s homeless populations. There has been a huge effort on the part of Rebecca to keep the search alive. She works tirelessly to follow up on tips and post updates on the Facebook page she created about the search for Jason. ( Thousands of people have joined the Find Jason Kyles page to keep updated on search activity and potential sightings. Total strangers have given up time from their lives in order to follow up on possible leads. In reading through all of the updates, the possible sightings, the confirmation that a sighting was not Jason, you can feel the disappointment from his wife. I”m but one of the many that check each day to see if there is any news regarding Jason. I hope along with others that each lead will pan out. I mourn with others when leads turn out to be false hope. Jason is not just a missing person. He is missing among us. Jason did not go to a place where no one cares, as evidenced by the outpouring of love shown from our community. This is not a big city like Oakland or L.A. where he easily could disappear into the masses. I Implore all of you to check out his Facebook page, memorize his face, look for him as you go about your day. Find Jason Kyles.


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