How We Teach Kids Women Are Liars

This article is long but interesting & makes valid points all around. From a Facebook thread where I picked this up” It’s true that humans lie (men AND women), however there is definitely a cultural bias against believing what women say.The article isn’t saying that women don’t lie. It’s not talking about whether one gender lies more than another. The article is talking about the fact that women commonly presumed to be lying because of sexism and misogyny built into our culture.” This is a very astute honest collection of statements regarding our society.  Our culture is very male-centric, giving validity to statements made by men but second guesses to women. This applies not only in serious areas (Like a woman accusing a man of rape and not being believed) but in the workplace, schools, etc. The article reinforces my opinion in stating “first, lessons about women’s untrustworthiness are in our words, pictures, art, and memory. It’s simple enough to see how we are overwhelmingly portrayed as flawed, supplemental, ornamental, or unattainably perfect. It’s also easy to find examples of girls and women routinely, entertainingly cast as liars and schemers. For example, on TV we have Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23, Devious Maids, and, because its serpent imagery is so basic to feminized evil, American Horror Story: Coven.” Its everywhere, and we soak in these ideas without realizing the effect. Men lie to folks. A lot. Bill Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman”? There ARE women who lie about being raped…just as there are men who lie about not raping someone. It works both ways. We are all HUMAN. We are all EQUAL in this regard that we all have the ability to be honest or dishonest. Hows about if we just heed to the notion innocent until proven guilty and not presume and project? Can we do that? I think we can.


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