Dear Mom Who Cant Afford Organic Food

Dear Mom Who Cant Afford Organic Food

I should first start with a disclaimer…my philosophy on life in general is weigh choices individually, not blindly via some (or any) blanket cause. I buy organic food whenever possible. I shop locally whenever possible. However this lady describes me. My family is lower income but too high for food stamps. We have a tight grocery budget which gets tighter if an emergency arises. That said I disagree with the insinuation that a bag of chips is cheaper tan an organic apple. That may be true but…there are plenty of other healthier choices that are inexpensive. Rice cakes? Pretzels? Yogurt?

THAT SAID….my personal opinion & direct observation is that there is a definite segment of the pro-natural living movement that  are downright ignorant and elitist. I do mystery shopping & get to use a gift card 1x month at a natural foods grocery chain. A $50 gift card buys me 2 bags of groceries there. I COULD NOT afford to my regular shopping at this store.Nio matter how important my family’s health is (and it is) to me, I DO NOT have $600 month for groceries.  However just because one cant shop full time at Whole Foods etc doesnt mean they are sentenced to a life of processed cheese food and soda. Theres a lot people can do to be healthy & cut out processed foods etc w/o killing their budget but the ppl who insist only organic food from independent stores etc seem to be separated from reality a little.


And I am pretty pro-natural living, we compromise on a few things at the grocery store ($3 ranch dressing NOT Made with corn syrup, real honey not made w/ corn syrup, etc I have my priorities intact) And I would never buy a bag of Chips in lieu of healthy food. ITs more a matter of being informed AND staying within your budget. The farmers markets can be cheaper than the Whole Foods for instance. Grocery Outlet is a good place to buy some cheaper natural foods.


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