Problems faced by divorced women….

This is a short but poignant informative video by Cindy Crawford. She makes many valid points which we all know but probably don’t always think about. Ms Crawford reflects on her  childhood living with a single mother who was financially reliant on her ex-husband (Cindy’s father). Although times are different now in the sense that women work and can be financially independent, times really havent changed all that much when you really examine society. Women still make up the majority of the single parents in this country. Men still can control finances in the form of not paying child or spousal support. Although this can be enforced, it usually requires time and effort on the part of the woman. Women are more likely to live in poverty than men and to be responsible for children in the event of a divorce or break up. The reasons for this can be varied but one very often overlooked reason going back decades is the fact that women STILL earn less than men in similar fields. In World War Two era America, women took on jobs that men had to leave in order to serve the country. Women did these jobs competently but often for less money. And no matter how competent a woman was in a field she was still viewed as a place marker, keeping the job warm until a man could come reclaim it. Historically men were paid a “family wage” on the assumption that they were or would be supporting a wife an d children. Although jobs were available for women during this time,  these jobs typically paid far less based on the view women were there simply to earn “pin money.” It is a sad statement on our country that decades later our country still has not caught on to the idea that women do far more than earn “pin money” nowadays.

Women by biology have to take time off from work in order to have children and for this reason typically have the responsibility of caring for said children placed on their shoulders, at least in the beginning. Women cannot advance in careers on the same track as a man if they want to have families. No matter how career minded a woman may be there are employers who still will vie them as less focused or career oriented. These things ARE changing of course. I know several fathers who stay home or who are the main caregivers to their children. Times are changing , but slowly.


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