Happy New Year -new law changes for transgender folks in CA

If I DID make resolutions, I’d resolve to make an effort to blog daily as my blog implies…and will try to do better!


That said, the state of CA, where I live, has made some new years resolutions too…starting today students in grades K-12 who identify as transgender will be allowed to use school bathrooms and play on sport teams “consistent with their gender identity,” starting Jan. 1, 2014.  Although this law is pretty amazing in that it acknowledges transgender folks, non-trans people share practical concerns. There are obvious ways this law could be abused by non-trans people. I applaud the state of CA for acknowledging and furthering transgender rights but what I would love to see are more unisex single stall bathrooms also available as well. (I myself know a few trans folks though & wouldn’t have any issue sharing a bathroom with them. My concern would be more for men who like to prey on women using this law as opportunity to enter a women’s bathroom to harm someone. I have heard this thought raised by others concerned too….I guess the reality is anyone wanting to harm others is not likely to follow law anyways and probably doesn’t care about being “allowed” in a bathroom. Either way, this is a learning process for all of us..one that needs to start happening.



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