Father taking care of kids causes internet stir…seriously?

Recently, like this morning, I came across a news article with an accompanying photo of a dad styling the hair of his 2 daughters. MY First reaction was “aww how cute.” Evidently, the internet disagrees. Hateful comments about this man have been splashed everywhere.People are criticizing this man for somehow being lesser of a man by taking paternity leave and taking care of two female children. The outrage in my opinion is not in what he’s doing but in how others are reacting to it. the father in question, Doyin Richards, accurately called it when he stated “The media doesn’t portray fathers as caregivers. We’re seen as bumbling fools trying to figure out parenthood, or macho men pushing their kids into the NFL. The other issue is that there’s a stereotype that black fathers are deadbeats.” And yet any portrayal to the contrary causes a stir, yet deadbeats and bad fathers do not. Irony.



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