Daisy Coleman attempted suicide this week :(

Not that long ago I wrote an open letter to the town of Maryville for their treatment of Daisy Coleman, a rape victim in their community whose attacker was a well known local athlete. I got crazy replies. Those people are a special kind of stupid.I could not imagine being the victim of a crime thats publicized this widely. I commend Daisy for not backing down. I commend those who support her. I am horrified by the reaction of the people in this town. II realize not everyone is part of the lynch mob but it certainly seems a good majority are. And when I say lynch mob I mean it. The actions of people against Daisy have been hateful and horrific. Criminal charges should be brought against MANY of them. I’m just appalkled at the actions an reactions from some people in this town. In reading their town newspaper, articles about Daisy are very very slanted against her. The paper makes sure to speak of how irresponsible underage drinking is but fails to take to task the BOYS involved (certainly I cannot call them men)

Youre better off without them Daisy. Now please stay off Twitter, Facebook etc & focus on YOU not them. They dont matter. #Justice4Daisy


This is just sad, awful & just plain upsetting. ‪#‎Justice4Daisy‬


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