Dont do as the Romans do…the ongoing tale of Amanda Knox

Today in Italy, the THIRD trial of Amanda Knox and her ex boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito is coming to a close. I have no doubt that regardless of verdict, there will be another (ANOTHER) appeal. The ongoing tale of this case has made a mockery of the Italian “justice” system. Having read media accounts from the original trial, as well as the biographies of both Amanda and Raffaele, I see many things in this case that are just mind boggling and wrong.

When this story first came out, it seemed like a slam dunk case according to media reports. The prosecutors had a weapon, DNA, witnesses….Yet upon closer examination, anyone could see how all of this “evidence” came to be and how it is not the “evidence” it appears to be (as highlighted by the first appeals trial). Amanda made a clear case for herself in her biography. I found everything she said to be articulate and commonsense. Additionally what she relays in her book can be confirmed by other sources (Italian media reports, court transcripts). In the beginning, Amanda did not behave as police thought she should. She was an immature college student in a new country with only basic understanding of the Italian language. These circumstances set her up early on for the events that unfolded. Raffaele, as evidenced by the biographies as well as court/prosecution records, barely knew Meredith. The fact that the prosecutor tried to tie him into the murder theory depicting him as a lovesick boyfriend willing to do anything for his girlfriend (of a week) is another made up theory by Prosecutor Mignini that has no ties to logic.

The first trial was an outright circus of lies, made up evidence and wild theories. Prosecutor Mignini in fact threatened perople who testified for the defense by stating he was charging them with slander AS THEY WERE TESTIFYING. How can this be allowed before a judge and jury and NOT be seen for the bias and incompetence that it is? Mignini was also under investigation for misconduct in other cases WHILE THIS TRIAL WAS GOING ON. I came away wondering how any of these people were qualified to practice law, or wondering how low the bar was set in Italian courts for the truth. The truth is Amanda & Raffaele did not really have airtight alibis because they were doing things normal college students were doing that day & the night before: going out, getting high, having sex. These things do not add up to them being murders. More to the point they were at Raffaele’s house the night before NOT Amanda’s where the murder took place.  The prosecution instead would choose to have the public believe otherwise. Prosecutor Mignini, in the original trial, unfolded a wild story about how Amanda & her boyfriend “must” have been at her house (no proof of this) and were “probably” busy having sex when Rudy Guide knocked at the door  (The only man evidence ties directly to Meredith Kercher’s murder) . In the middle of having sex, they unlock the door to let this random person in then continue having sex. Meredith comes home & Rudy, so overcome with sexual desire, rapes her and they all kill her for no reason. Yeah that makes sense. Never mind Amanda had met Rudy all of 1-2 times and RAffaele never had.   In  this new trial there is a new prosecutor, “The prosecutor in this trial, Alessandro Crini, played down the sex-game aspect. Instead, he suggested that the violence was incited by a dispute between the two roommates over the cleanliness of the apartment. ” …It is unbelievable that THIS is what the prosecution is citing as a motive. A dispute between two adult women over..chores? This argument is a desperate atetmpt at the least. Completely ridiculous at the very best.  This argument hinged on a one time conversation in which an embarrassed Meredith spoke with Amanda about making sure to clean the toilet after each use. This is simple roommate talk spun wildly WILDLY out of control.

More to the point, is the unproven reason that Meredith “couldn’t” have been killed by one person. Why not? Women get raped and/or murdered by lone assailants every day. Raffaele’s layers (as laid out in his biography) had a logical time line for how and why this murder happened, why don’t they?

Frankly if I were a member of the Italian court system, I would be too embarrassed to go to trial a 3rd time considering how badly they came out at the last appeals trial. The DNA “evidence” they so desperately clamored to was too miniscule to test by any recognized standards. Recordings of the CSI unit clearly shows the apartment not taped off , people freely roaming around, people touching things and bagging evidence with ungloved hands (Or not changing gloves to handle each piece of new evidence as is protocol to avoid cross contamination)

I feel bad for the Kercher family. Their daughter’s killer was proven in court and essentially let off light. The only thing the Perugia police did right in this case was using DNA evidence to prove Rudy Guede was the rapist & killer. Unfortunately the results of the DNA testing did not come until after they had arrested Raffaele and Anmanda and concocted their ever expanding theories on how Meredith died. The Kercher family has every right to be angry and upset. Unfiortunately, they are directing this anger at the other victims in this case as opposed to the “justice” system that botched the investigation so badly. Rudy was given a light sentence and rewarded for telling the prosecutors what they wanted to hear. IN light of how violently Meredith was raped and murdered, THAT should be the cause of the Kercher’s outrage.

I sincerely hope that today is the day Raffaelle and Amanda are truly set free.



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