Science versus Creation (Bill Nye versus Ken Ham)

A debate between Bill Nye & a creationist sounds interesting is made for TV..I dont have TV but from what I’ve read I dont even think this was intended to be a real debate. They could have done better than to use some guy who runs a museum in Kentucky as their “creationist perspective.”  Instead they chose someone who showcases a small minded stereotype…..I should say that I am a Christian, as well as someone who attended public school & has a college degree.  I go to a weekly Bible study which uses texts written by a Biblical scholar named John MacArthur. I HIGHLY recommend him. I have also gone through a Bible study entitled “Examine the Evidence” which goes through geologic, geographic, historical …all types of evidence of Biblical events & people. I dont really see the conflict honestly.  Maybe instead of “debate” one could do a “comparison.” I mean we ARE talking about the same thing here (creation of the universe).  However I’d recommend using John MacArthur or someone more well versed for the “Creation” perspective.  Maybe I am not a long term enough Christian (8 years) but I dont even know who Ken Ham is. That said,  I dont think science & creation are mutually exclusive at all. Science deals w/ things that are testable & God is not, by scientific standards. But ironically I’d say you can see God every day through science…photos of our galaxy, miracles in modern medicine, nature…Okay, evolution, big bang etc, who says that wasnt God made? I do find some of the ideas behind the big bang hard to swallow such as the idea that something came from nothing magically and everything fell into place. I mean I get it , anti-matter, big bang etc but it begs the question…if you can believe all that occurred via chance, evolution, science why not believe it also came from God? (hypothetical question not trying to debate, just sharing where my views are at) There is no debate in my opinion.


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