“Whats your excuse?”

This piece is a response to that question, sort of. several months ago, there was debate over a photo of a woman in fitness clothes, flat stomach holding her children under the headline “whats your excuse?” I wanted to give “hot mom” as she was branded by the media the benefit of doubt that she did not come up with the slogan, perhaps someone added that & It went viral, I thought. No. Here we are maybe a year later and this lovely example of fitness is at her body shaming best. A new photo is circulating stating “hot mom still wants to know  ‘whats your excuse’?” So in response to that photo -which I have attached a link to – I give you my thoughts WordPress….

First off shes wearing some lovely clothes & make up, how wonderful that she clearly can afford the benefits of that in addition to her gym membership. I lost weight pretty quick after having my son, a combo of good genes & Breastfeeding. I didn’t exercise except to take my infant & dog on small walks. Why? B/c losing weight rapidly is bad for you, b/c being exhausted is common & so is being puffy in the belly as a result of stretched muscles & a stretched uterus. You’re not even supposed to do strenuous exercise after childbirth. People like her perpetuate the myth promoted by Hollywood of “getting your pre-baby body back quickly. Its not healthy nor should it be a standard by which to be condescending to others about. And I say this as someone who is a size 2. One size does not fit all!!




2 thoughts on ““Whats your excuse?”

  1. The thing with this whole thing is that a lot of it was taken out of context. While in a grander sense, her message seems questionable, you have to keep in mind that it was posted as part of her personal trainer pr. And it is absolutely true that people “want” to lose weight, but come up with fifty hundred excuses why they can’t. Most of which amount to bullshit. This image was specifically aimed at those people who claim they try but can’t.
    Just my opinion though.

    • Its cool I like your opinions 😉 What prompted my actual posting, so late after this first happened, was a follow up which she basically slammed ppl….I get what youre saying though – I just dont think fat shaming – or body shaming in general – is necessary

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