Earth Day..recycling the same lip service

This week marks Earth Day in the United States. While I love the Lorax story, and feel Dr Seuss was a man ahead of his time, I think Earth day has evolved into little more than lip service and a chance to have parties/events. I love free stuff as much as anyone of course. I believe issues should start by being solved locally and moving forward into bigger expanses of government/areas. Federally (worldwide) at issue is global warming and the people that chose to deny it. This is not something only local efforts can stymie. This needs to be taken seriously by several powers that be.

Statewide, in my home state of California, the most pressing issue is our current drought situation. While other states have had flooding, blizzards and rain, California has had lovely spring weather all winter. I’m not complaining. I hate the rain. I hate the cold. However we need it and thats why there are seasons. Not to mention that’s how there are crops, water, indoor plumbing….In California, everyone is aware of the looming drought but it seems people just are (figuratively) standing around and looking at each other, wondering whose going to do something about it. In the meantime, farmers and people dependent on water supply are in hysterics. Whats wrong with this picture?  Governor Jerry Brown has barely acknowledged it. In January Governor Brown declared a drought emergency and signed some legislation to make water transfers easier from county to county. This was one step in what should have been a series of measures to deal with the drought situation. My own town and county have remained mum on the idea of conserving water. There is n mandatory conservation. No one is suggesting closing a pool or easing restrictions placed by HOA’s to keep lawns pretty & green for the sake of home values. Nothing. Unfortunately the result could well be that we will soon not have a choice in the matter. While the governor cant be expected to produce rain, he & local governments, can take  more measures to conserve what water we do have. This would be the best way to celebrate Earth Day locally in my opinion.



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