Godspeed Ferguson, MO….

So Ferguson, MO …seems to not completely be going down in flames today. I am always a person to fact check before opining on situations like this but honestly its been hard to wait through the opinions. I def am for people questioning government, taking (Positive) action when they see wrong & def police can be wrong,. IN this case I do not think the officer was. One commenter on Yahoo put it quite succinctly :” re the Michael Brown autopsy results: 4 shots to the arm to stop an assailant are what happens when you shoot to disable by aiming for the side of center mass, since they are less likely to kill the assailant, if not disabled and the target is closer then you go for a head shot, sounds like good training to me to explain the location of the bullets…. I am sorry for this it is now true that he was not running away, the witness has been discredited. we have to wait for the rest of the reports.” All very valid…and it substantiates that the officer did his job. End of story. I don’t think there is a conspiracy here. I live in a state that has seen a fair share of officer involved fatalities & I have oft sided w/ the victim in those cases or heavily sympathized. (Rodney King, Oscar Grant, Andy Lopez) I certainly do sympathize. Its sad when ANYONE dies. However if you die in the commission of a crime, or being questioned for one, it warrants a bit less sympathy on my end. I was not impressed with Mr. Brown’s parents on Good Morning America either. They seem to fault only the officer, be in support of the rioting & showed little concern for their son’s activities that day. This coupled with the autopsy results & the very valid comments I Quoted above, lead me to believe the officer was not in the wrong here.

NOT TO MENTION….rioting, looting, stealing, defacing property in the name of justice for someone is backwards & WRONG. If Mr Brown were innocent than people committing crimes in his name will not sway observers favorably. In my opinion, the rioters are nothing but criminal opportunists looking for an excuse to do damage while police resources are stretched managing all that is going on. This is not justice. This is shameful. Godspeed, Ferguson.


Hollywood’s ignorance is our loss (Robin Williams)

I know this is not “political” but it is current. Yesterday the world lost a great talent. Living in the Bay Area, Robin Williams has been a fixture among charities, movie sets filmed in San Francisco and just walking around enjoying northern California. Knowing only bits and pieces about him as a person, I was stunned to hear about his passing and the cause of it as well. I had no idea – as someone who doesn’t know him personally but as a fan/observer – that he was so troubled. I read a quote on social media yesterday that said the saddest people are the ones who try the hardest to make others happy. This news weighs on me heavily. I don’t know if he tried to seek help, or if others tried to help him, or intervene. I do know that the world of mental illness is a murky terrifying path for anyone whose lives it touches. Adding fame, publicity, public scrutiny, movie critics and wealth honestly does not help. If anything these elements make it more likely someone will claim their own life. Hollywood has provided us all too many examples of this this past year and beyond. I dont have any magic answers for anyone suffering w/ mental illness. IT can be difficult to admit a problem – to yourself, a professional, friends and family. Its difficult even if you’re not famous. More so if you are. Who can you call that wont leak it to the press? How do you know they will keep your information confidential?

That said, I DO think its beyond time for Hollywood to help. Its no secret the elements of fame are hard for any individual to deal with on a normal level. It should not be a rite of passage to go to rehab. Hollywood should have on set therapists, counselors, reputable places the famous can go for PREVENTATIVE help that is just as respected as the famed rehab facilities that cater to the stars. How many Cory Monteiths, River Phoenix’s, Robin Williams, etc have to die before this is taken seriously and not treated as a trend or a publicity opportunity? Enough is enough.


(more focus on mental illness in general, in next blog)