California, the new desert

I live in California, a state soon drying up in many ways but most greatly in the water type of way. We are currently experiencing what is to be one of the worst droughts in the history of the state. Everywhere I go, there are street signs reminding people not to waste water. There are programs to assist residents with replacing lawns with drought resistant plants. There are articles daily in every newspaper & News clips daily showing the effects of the drought in many areas.

About 1,000 more wildfires than usual have charred the state, including some unusual ones in the spring. The drought is likely to inflict $2.2 billion in losses on the agricultural industry, according to a July study from the University of California-Davis.

Popular vacation spots such as Lake Shasta are becoming arid dry spots where one can only hope to get their feet wet.

In some areas of the state- wealthier areas– people aren’t even aware there IS a drought. I guess money can buy happiness..or at least it doesn’t buy awareness. Even those that are aware, seem to act with a sense of entitlement – washing cars that aren’t visibly dirty, daily watering of lawns to keep them green, etc. There seems to be an attitude among this set that if they can pay for it, its theirs to use. A Commodity. The fact that Jerry Brown is in talks to reroute water to LA- a place where the most water wasters seem to be, water their green lawns, keeping their pools filled- does not help drive to home the point that water IS a limited resource for EVERYONE now. You cannot simply have the government give you more because your pool needs to be refreshed. I think it’d be much more educational if the wealthy elite in LA were told to reduce water waste the same as those of us in northern CA, central CA, etc are being told to.

I Think theres so many folks who dont want to acknowledge it, or are ignorant. I think when people have to think ab our very basic need for water and our dependence on nature it can be scary. It reminds us how human we are. IT reminds us that we cannot simply make more or buy more of a necessity simply because we need it. Indeed that is a very scary place to be. I know, I feel it too. The alternative thought may be among such folks is that we are so used to government/corporations/whatever managing things ppl just think there must be a plan to get more somehow.

There was rumblings about desalination of the ocean water since California is conveniently located next to an ocean. The problem is that desalination is a costly & quite honestly, impractical solution to our long term problem. Trucking in water from out of state, as some have suggested, is even more so impractical.

The reality is that we need to treat water as we do money–money on a budget. People would do well to develop a wider world view in thinking about our water situation. The water we have is the water budget of us all in the state. We need to spend it carefully. The water you waste washing your car could be the water your neighbor needs in order to wash their dishes.Yes, we all have water coming through our taps when we turn them on….but for how long?

Budget your water now. You will not end regretting it later.


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