The NFL..late to the game

There has been an epidemic of stories of violence  in the news involving not only football players but others as well.

Fed up with the league’s woeful inconsistencies on domestic violence and its belligerent insistence on protecting misbehaving players, Anheuser-Busch took the NFL to task on Tuesday. No, it didn’t say it was pulling its $1.2 billion, six-year contract – yet.

But it doesn’t take a marketing genius to see what’s down the road if the NFL doesn’t get its act together. And fast.”We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season. We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code,” Anheuser-Busch said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports. When morals and commonsense fail, money talks. I have a feeling this potential loss is what inspired the NFL Commissioner’s statement today. “Unfortunately, over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the NFL doing wrong,” he said in his opening statement. “That starts with me.” Sadly his insincerity is completely obvious. The Ray Rice video came out over two weeks ago. It SHOULD HAVE started with him then yet not until the potential loss of advertising dollars did the commissioner become motivated to speak out. Hmm,.

It speaks volumes that the first response from the football world was resounding support for Rice via Twitter & other public forums. It seems now that there is an embarrassing horrifying video that the world has seen, suddenly what was a private matter the Ravens did not want to deal with has turned into something they are forced to deal with, not because its the right thing to do but because they need to save their public image in what ESPN>com referred to as “the worst NFL Crisis in history.” I think that may be an exaggeration but really its not.

Goodell did not specify how he would address the rash of domestic violence incidents in the league. He said the NFL wants to “implement new personal conduct policies by the Super Bowl” but did not sate what these would be or how they would be implemented. I Think we should all watch closely & hold Mr. Goodell accountable to keep this promise.

This situation has caused the Ravens and the entire NFL some bad publicity which may be hard to undo. They will lose fans & sponsors. The universal ramifications are toward their female fans who may be supportive but maybe not. Women account for almost half of football fan base (45% percent per the New York Post). If I were Commissioner Goodell I would think very hard about how to proceed after the Ravens essentially blamed domestic violence on Rice’s wife. I certainly hope Commissioner Goodell thinks long and hard about what exactly he will be doing to handle situations like this in the future. Oh and way to show respect for women, Ravens.


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