I have a dream

MLK day! And what have we learned so far in 2015? Well we have 1 black President out of all the Presidents ever. This is hailed as historic and wonderful. Which of course it IS but this one win should not be it for us.By no means should folks sit back & think “well we made it! we can rest easy” and put their feet up thinking everyone in this country is treated and regarded equally by everyone in society.

It IS Great we have a black President. Mr Obama is intelligent and articulate. He is also much more privileged than the average black man. I do not feel he often uses his position to push for equality or to speak for others as much as he should. President Obama grew up in an upper middle class home. He lived in Hawaii which is by no means a cheap state to live. He is half white which certainly helps in terms of his opportunities in life, his upbringing, opportunities etc. He does not speak for the lower class black man struggling to survive in the projects, in my opinion. That said, his election to President (even the Senate before that) has heped make strides in equality for this country. IT broke the tradition of the good old boy network in the White HOuse.

However in the rest of this country we’re still battling whether women have rights to birth control. LGBT people still dont have full rights in many states. Racism and treatment of black lives throughout the country has been a “hot topic” in the media of late. Racism in America is quite alive & well, as are a lot of other “isms.” The internet is a battleground full of extremists on both liberal & conservative spectrums who all need to check themselves. (IE There may be bad cops, not all cops are bad. Westboro Baptist may be “religious” but not all religious ppl are like Westboro Baptist. 99% of rapists might be men, but not all men are rapists, and you get the idea) Folks if you find yourself falling for an us/them way of thinking, no matter how you spin it, you might need to check your own prejudices, it starts with you. Everyone can battle prejudice – starting w/ themselves. We still have a long way to go.


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