National Dogfighting Day pt 2

I wrote a short note to the officer that helped bring Vick to justice. I never got a reply but I wanted to let him know his efforts were appreciated. He got flack when he should have got a medal.

“Hello < > I just finished reading an outstanding book by author Jim Gorant about the Michael Vick case. I want to thank you for your work on the case. I have followed the individual stories of various Vick (Vicktory) dogs for awhile via Facebook, but the Gorant book made me realize the depth of horror these digs experienced as well as the effort to move this case forward and get a conviction. Truly words cannot express enough my thanks and if I lived closer I’d buy you a cup of coffee. Thank you again. I so wish I could find (Other officer)  to tell him the same but I’m glad to have the opportunity to thank you. God bless.”

I also had written to the author of The Lost Dogs, Jim Gorant, to let him know the same. I did get a rely from him & that was really cool. “Thanks for the note. I’m glad you liked the book, but sorry the such a story existed to tell.”

I’m sharing cause I think its good to tell people when they have done something yuo appreciate as well. And in the spirit of things, even if you can only write or call someone to help animals today…do it!


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