Bruce Jenner

I am a straight biological female who identifies as female. I majored in Gender Studies in college. I get that there is a spectrum of sexuality and gender identity (not one in the same!) but still, I Feel a lot of sympathy for Bruce Jenner and other trans folks. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to feel trapped in an identity or body you didn’t choose. I cant imagine having that experience and being famous on top of that, to have the world watching and gossiping about you as you explore yourself and change. I give Bruce Jenner big props for not hiding from his experience but being open about it. Whether he has appreciated it or not, he is famous. People do feel they know him (*and he does still use the “he” pronoun). There are so many trans folks hiding or rejected in our modern day society. Trans folks are still being accepted but seem to mostly still be on the outer fringes of LBGT groups as well as society. Much like L, G & B people from bygone eras who had to hide in the shadows and be in the closet or risk ridicule (or worse), trans folks are still working towards being accepted in all areas of society. Unfortunately in movies and media, most people see the more exaggerated transgender or transsexual people (RuPaul, Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, drag queens at drag shows) Although these types of trans people certainly exist this is not representative of ALL transgender people and I think it gives mainstream society an unrealistic image of transgender people as these garish freakish looking humans. ANYONE can be transgender. ANYONE can feel they were born in the wrong body. Including a famous biological male athlete with 6 children. I truly hope good things occur from Bruce Jenner’s publicity. I Hope he finds peace.In a year that has seen innnumberable transgender teen suicides and incidents, I hope others like Bruce find peace through him too. PS…I know Kim Kardashian is viewed in many ways as a ditzy or crazy reality star but I give her PROPS in how she articulated her feelings about her stepdad’s transition as well as her support of him. Here is an interview clip I saw this morning online.


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