Freddie Gray

I admit, I have failed on keeping up with the news. I don’t get the newspaper and don’t have cable (I find the internet suffices pretty well so long as I find good sources for it). I don’t know much about Freddie Gray but the internet exploded this week with his name. What I have read horrifies me. HORRIFIES me. I’m still trying to gather facts for a complete picture but I have many questions. The police are public servants who do a lot of good & keep communities safe./ I appreciate their presence. That said, not all cops are good cops and even good cops make mistakes. I Want to know what happened to #FreddieGray. I want to know what he was arrested for, why he was needing to be physically restrained, what happened that he got a SPINAL injury. He seemed fine upon entering the police vehicle per witnesses but was unresponsive upon arrival at the police station. WHAT HAPPENED TO FREDDIE GRAY? It would seem if he was in the vehivkle and handcuffed NOTHING should have happened to him. Its possible nothing did but maybe something stress related (a seizure, concussion, who knows). I dont have answers. But I want them. I appeal to Baltimore PD to be open and transparent. If they are in the right, then let the people know. They deserve it.


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