Privatization of the Post Office, say what?

For later….

Aug 1st, 2015

Well its been a busy summer, kids so admittedly I never updated this 😦 I first heard about this proposed idea from a person collecting signatures outside of the local post office. She let me know that there was a proposal to privatize the USPS system so that people would need to go pick up their mail from Staples and pay to receive it. Now I dont like change anymore the next person but this doesn’t sound like just “change,” it sounds like a complete overhaul of the postal service. This would be good if it sounded good but it really doesn’t seem to benefit the consumer. Where are our tax dollars going if not to the USPS? I understand there’s less mail with the advent of e-mail but there is still A LOT of mail. The post office has not cut back hours of operation except for their actual offices where people go to ship things etc. But the delivery people still work six days a week, meaning there ARE still packages to be delivered and stamps being bought. A few years ago, Dear Abby wrote about the USPS reminding people that we still have one of the best bargains as far as sending letters etc. In other countries, it cost far more to do so. Perhaps instead of suggesting we move the whole thing to Staples, we could just raise the price of a stamp? #JustAThought


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