Planned Parenthood: so much more than abortion services

I have a lot to say regarding whats happening regarding PLanned Parenthood now. I think the controversy is about MUCH more than Planned Parenthood. Frankly the “war on Planned Parenthood” is really a red herring for the war on women, women’s freedom to choose, women’s sexuality and so much more that our country still has pre-20th century attitudes about.

First off, the videos. You all know that these are edited right? They are made to look very very slanted.

Secondly, hello invasion of privacy? It speaks volumes that in the interest of “rights” for a few its acceptable to violate the privacy rights of several. Instead of people talking about how #PlannedParenthood should be defunded, we should be talking about how royally the video makers & distributors of it should be sued.

The internet is aflutter with opinions all across the spectrum. Look, abortion is terrible for everyone involved. It would be ignorant to think any woman makes that decision lightly or without another thought. That is just not reality. But rightwing conservatives would have people thinking otherwise. No one wants to get an abortion. No one looks forward to it or celebrates it. I consider myself pro life pro choice. I would not choose abortion for myself, but I don’t choose what circumstances others have and its not for me to tell them what is right or wrong for them. I think a better idea is looking towards ways to solve our country’s abortion & unplanned pregnancy rates. In order to do this, we should look to the country’s that seem to have it together via low statistical occurrences of both.

In 2011, abortion rate in Switzerland was 6.8 per thousand women aged between 15 and 44. This is remarkably low compared to the United Kingdom (17.5), France (15 in 2009) and the United States (16 in 2008), for example.

A handful of other countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have rates closer to the Swiss level. The average annual worldwide abortion rate is 28 per thousand women of childbearing age.

A low abortion rate goes hand in hand with a low rate of unwanted pregnancy. Sexual health experts point to three main factors which contribute to Switzerland’s statistics: education, contraception and socioeconomic level.“ Sex education is comprehensive and taught in the public schools without controversy. It is taught by teachers as well as health experts. The morning after pill has been available without a prescription since 2002.

By comparison, here in the U.S….

we are still  having debates about abortion 4 decades after it was legalized.

Sex education is not universal in any school. I get that each state has the right to decide their own business but truly this is something that should be mandated at the federal level with a comprehensive uniform curriculum.

Birth control was the starring topic of Obamacare coverage, debated among politicians and Supreme Court justices alike. How can we as a country seek to deprive women of the ability to not get pregnant as well as the ability to make choices should they become pregnant? This truly makes NO sense. Hobby Lobby and the debate about birth control put on public display the shockingly ignorant views many people even in our own government still hold regarding various forms of birth control.(Yet another reason we need comprehensive sex ed!)

Ultimately it seems what people have a problem with is a women’s right to have sex for reasons other than having a baby. If you go to any internet article regarding PLanned Parenthood (or even Hobby Lobby) there are scores of comments from people that range from simply ignorant to downright hateful in their views about abortion/birth control/sex and the women who engage in any of these things. On Facebook one man (!!) stated that women who had abortions were promiscuous and irresponsible and simply needed to learn to “contain themselves.” This man’s comments puzzled me for many reasons.  I wondered if this man’s only experience with women having sex was in porn viewing. No really. I think only in porn would a women uncontrollably rip off her clothes & not be able to “contain” herself. I also wondered if this man realized that making a baby was a two party job, Instead of trying to debate, I replied to the man’s comments with a reverse of his “only irresponsible and promiscuous men get women pregnant. Its their fault if they couldn’t be responsible and use a condom instead of relying on the woman to handle it. Maybe next time men like that will just learn to contain themselves.”

In fact I have had quite a bit of fun in Planned Parenthood topic forums this past week. Its given me much to ponder and much to blog about. Stay tuned….(I have several more #PP topic blogs coming…such as “Planned Parenthood: much more than abortion services” “the war on women’s sexual health” “Planned Parenthood undercover videos…undercover lies” as well as further thoughts on paradox of people in this country who oppose abortion, birth control, sex ed, morning after pill and single mothers. (I’m sorry but really, you can only pick one?) Ohhh…its been an inspiring week, WordPress.


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