Pittsburgh Steeelers: recruiting a crime ring (Michael Vick signing)


The above link is a linked article that I read yesterday. Michael Vick. Again. Michael Vick getting big money deal to join an NFL team. Again. Fans choosing to put a criminal on a pedestal. Again. (Refer to an earlier blog entitled “No More Free Passes”)

I am very passionate about animal care and responsibility to us as human beings to care for the Earth’s creatures. Wild life depend on us to keep the Earth, climate, oceans, air and food supply in harmony for them. (we could do better in all of these aspects but that’s another blog for another day) . As pet owners, we choose to care for an animal. They depend on us as children do — for food, shelter, care and safety. In return they give us love, loyalty and affection. In pondering the human-pet relationship, its particularly heartbreaking when an animal is preyed upon by a human “owner” such as Vick and others who engage in dog fighting. It rakes a special kind of evil and disregard for life to commit these acts. However, Michael Vick didn’t just commit these acts. He set up an elaborate crime ring in which he hired people as his accessories to criminal behavior. He funded the building of warehouses to keep the dogs in –and to fight them in. He used his NFL big bucks that football fans contribute to giving him,to do this. In my opinion, those loyal Steelers fans cheering for his recruitment to their team are just as much accessory to any future crimes he chooses to support — as are all athletic fans who know a sports star engages  in criminal behavior and continues to throw money their way.

I have a lot to say about Michael Vick (A LOT), as anyone who has read my past blogs can probably tell. I want to comment on the Steelers’ signing of him, but I also want to discuss our country’s hero worship of athletes in general, as well as devote some time to excerpting some powerful pieces from “The Lost Dogs” a very detailed account of Michael Vick’s activities and the dogs who endured (or didn’t) them. “The Lost Dogs” was written by Sports Illustrated writer Jim Gorant who should, in my opinion, be given a Pulitzer. He instead received HUGE backlash from SI staff & fans for writing the book, clearly by people who couldn’t be bothered. Jim Gorant is a brave hero who deserves a medal in y opinion. I want to share some passages from his book because it is riveting, powerful and a near indictment of Vick. It cemented my opinions and supported them with facts. Hang on to your hats, WWOD fans, “the Lost Dogs” are coming….,


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