I think its sad that with all the AIDS education out there the FDA is unaware that ANYONE having unprotected sex with ANYONE should be the rule to go by. Gay men aren’t at higher risk just by BEING gay, unless they’re in an obvious high risk group like , say, sex workers. FDA progress & <face palm> at the same time.


More on this later…



Planned Parenthood de/funding by a hysterical Congress

From the Planned Parenthood website: “In the wake of unspeakable violence, leaders in Congress are once again putting politics over compassion. They’re pushing the same extreme agenda — block access to Planned Parenthood health centers, cut funding for health care, and undermine women’s health and rights. And they’re threatening a government shutdown unless they get their way.These out-of-touch politicians are endangering access to health care for millions of Americans — and it’s up to us to fight back and help elect champions of women’s health and rights. Make your gift to Planned Parenthood Action Fund now and your donation will be DOUBLED by a special matching gift, up to $100,000 The Planned Parenthood Action Fund exists to ensure that elected officials support policies and programs that help women and their families make responsible choices about family planning and reproductive health.Contributions to the Action Fund are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution or business expense. A minimum contribution of $10 qualifies an individual annual contributing membership in the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. A contribution of $300 qualifies you for lifetime membership. By providing your contribution you are affirming that you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal resident of the United States, and that you have used your own funds to make this gift and not the funds of another person or corporation.”

The majority of these people  & politicians in support of “defunding” PP centers are clueless and completely unwilling to accept the facts. They obsess over defunding PP because it doesn’t require any critical thought to do so, and it allows them to feel morally superior to everyone else. And conservatives accuse liberals of voting.  The fact of the mater is most people who know nothing about PP (like conservatives) Seem to view it as a drive through abortion clinic that does nothing but abortions all day, every day. In reality, PP performs a wide range of services each day with a small percentage being abortion services. I think, if someone were truly concerned, that they could easily call their local PP medical center and ASK what they do, ASK how many abortions they perform on an average day…but I also think those who so ignorantly call to “defund” it are petrified of real facts and make very little effort to gather them. MORE TO THE POINT: Planned Parenthood aside, MOST medical centers and major hospitals (exception for obvious catholic hospitals etc) offer abortion services. From the squeaky wheels of internet activists, I can tell that most people who oppose PP genuinely don’t seem to understand this. PP is NOT the only place that women can go for birth control or abortion services, and stripping it of federal funds will not end those things. If you’re a conservative, please reread that sentence.

Planned Parenthood clinics aren’t the only ones who perform abortion and defunding them wouldn’t stop it either because the money doesn’t go toward abortion. So why exactly do they obsess over just one organization?

Defunding PP only eliminates access to health care for low income citizens. And by healthcare access this specifically means:  prenatal care,  preventative care, cancer prevention, birth control, vasectomies for men (yes men go to PP too!), pregnancy tests/counseling, ADDITIONALLY -and here is the kicker for 99% of the population as well as politicians who apparently are unaware: abortions are NOT federally funded. They havent been for close to 4 decades now.  The Hyde Amendment passed in 1976, prevents federal funds from being used for abortion services, thus defunding Planned Parenthood is removing federal funds from preventative procedures, medical procedures & Health services for men & women NOT abortion. In 1976, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, which banned Medicaid coverage of abortion. This is the only medical procedure that has ever been banned from Medicaid. What’s more, Medicaid covers other reproductive health care needs, including birth control and sterilization.

Now I admit that I don’t like the idea of abortions. I think very few people do, but the fact is, things happen. Birth control fails. Condoms break. Assaults happen. These ARE the facts. Do you know whats also a fact? That people in countries or areas of our country with comprehensive sex education (not simple abstinence talks) and access to a broad range of birth control options have fewer (far fewer) abortions.

People are uncomfortable thinking about the idea that women may want pleasure and not babies. This ultimately is the heart of the problem. Don’t believe me? Look at previous historical events involving women and sexual freedom: legalizing & dispensing of the morning after bill, legalizing RU486 the abortion pill (*this is NOT the same thing as the morning after pill), Obamacare coverage for birth control, Roe vs Wade. universal sex education in schools. Give me time I’ll think of more, these are just what I know off the top of my head!

I think ultimately in our post-Victorian era country, the majority of citizens – or at least politicians- seem to be uncomfortable with the idea that women may enjoy sex. They are uncomfortable with the idea that a woman may engage in sex recreationally for the sole purpose of pleasure, similar to what men are often encouraged to do by society & media messages. Women are equal under the law but still not in society by a variety of invisible standards and stereotypes. Ultimately most people seem to still cling to the idea women only have sex for emotional reasons and that all women harbor a maternal instinct & need to make babies.