Grease LIve, with a mix of gender stereotypes and rape culture



Reposting from another blog & will add my thoughts later when I mull them over and collect them coherently

From the Femmegelical Facebook post/blog

“Saw clips this morning of last night’s live “Grease” and thought, good God, we need to talk about the rape culture woven so deeply throughout this classic musical. Girls: “Tell me more, was it love at first sight?” Guys: Tell me more, did she put up a fight?” Ugh. And I’ve always hated that in the end Sandy has to forsake who she is and dress in skin tight sex pot leather dominatrix outfit for everyone to fully accept and acknowledge and Danny to be with her, and to wrap the moral of story up in a neat bow. She teaches people to be kind along the story, but in the end has to change. Definitely art imitating life in that time, but what message do little girls get when we don’t discuss it? I sure remember what Grease taught me and my friends about who we were supposed to be, and it was to be whatever men wanted (the universal change of female looks and behavior into male fantasy that made Danny to that “hubb-a hubb-a” thing he does at the end when he sees Sandy and gives her the absolutely creepy “up and down” with his face over her entire body ). The message is confusing for girls…virgin or whore? Somehow impossibly both. What do we perpetuate when we don’t break down the social and sexual dynamics of art and music for the girls too young to know the history and parse it for their own understanding of themselves? Blog probably forthcoming.


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