“The United States is the only developed nation in the world without guaranteed, paid parental leave. A democratic, civilized society should guarantee these benefits for the working families and middle class of our country.” – Bernie Sanders

 Once upon a time when Americans had more unions and better worker protections a man could make enough to support his family so his wife wouldn’t have to work. Now both parents have to work full-time to raise a family. Meanwhile corporations and billionaires have grown wealthy enough to buy up our Democracy right out from under our noses. Bernie might be “The People’s” last chance. Otherwise, next stop… Welcome to Fascism.”

Internet response from random person “You mean back when Americans lived within their means???”

SS “People lived within their means then because their means were a fairer representation of their labor and CEOs didn’t make several hundred times more per hour than their lowest paid employee.”

Before world war two, men were paid a “family wage” ..post ww2 when women joined the workforce they were viewed as cheap labor bc they didn’t “need” to work, hence the trend through this very day of women earning less than men in some fields, even for the same job. This is also more women then men are in poverty and more women are on welfare, typically single mothers bc society gives men far more if a pass on nit taking care of their children than women get, so more often it is women caring for kids, daycare, school, dr appts etc. This is steeped in history and by no means a “conspiracy theory ” nor anything to do with people not living within their means rent, gas and food prices do not increase with people’s earnings nor the other way around


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