farewell Bernie

“By these measures, any objective observer will conclude that – based on her ideas and her leadership – Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States. The choice is not even close.” – Bernie Sanders

I think people saying “but he hasnt conceded!” after this statement are seriously deluded. Theres no secret coded language here folks & if Bernie was just giving lip service thatd be a very bad statement to make on his part. Hes not that dumb. While I’m REALLY disappointed, I think looking for some secret plot twist thats not there is childs thinking.(and believe me Id love to see a roll call vote end w/ him win or Hillary forced to drop out — but nothing is showing us that is whats going to happen). (maybe we as people could demand it though. Have YOU called the DNC yet? I have) .
The RNC may not all like Trump but they’re united behind him. Lets be active intelligent voters at least. I’m not saying vote for HRC per se, but I dont think there’s time to drum up the same fervor for Jill Stein & a vote for her would be more of a statement vote than an expectation she will win, my opinion. Either way whomever you vote for vote smart. If Hillary loses it’ll only be her own fault. She probably would have gotten the nomination WITHOUT dirty politics, which is another sad truth.

Ive seen some other comments like “they must have had something on him.” Something…worse than what they have on….Hillary? I doubt that. I think they certainly used dirty politics & dishonesty. I also think he took the opportunity to still enact change from within the party to influence the platform & still get to be there.Unfortunately right now the only thing an investigation would affect is the Democrat side of this election. I think an investigation needs to happen sure but I think election Hillary & making the next 4 yrs very uncomfortable for her could also be fun. OR more fun would be her getting elected & then investigated & impeached in disgrace but I”m getting ahead of myself. Sure I want Bernie as President. But Bernie had to want that too.


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