thoughts on Jill Stein

In the interest of fairness ;0 This is from an internet comment on Jill Steins page, valid point! (I am actually voting for HRC, sorry)

“In all sincerity and with all due respect, Dr. Stein, what is your plan if Donald Trump is elected president? You have qualms about Hillary Clinton – Some may be valid, others may not – but at this point it will be her or Trump sitting in the chair come January 20th and everything you are doing is actively aiding Trump in his ambition of winning. I admire much of what you stand for, but do you honestly believe the country will be better off with Trump in the White House than Clinton? Do you believe yourself and the Green Party will be able to accomplish MORE in the next 4 years working with a President Trump than a President Clinton? Until I hear a realistic plan about how you intend to actually make Americans lives better under a Trump Presidency I can not view your campaign or any information you disseminate as anything but aiding and abetting the singularly greatest threat to this country in a century if not ever.”


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