Trump critical thinking questions, this is a test

So food for thought to Trump supporters…hes going to make America “great” again. Whats wrong with it? Besides the fact theres a Democratic black man as President I mean? Healthcare? Well yes this has gone up & thats a shame on the part of the industry. Will Trump be putting in regulations to minimize price gouging? Or just doing away w/ Obamacare? I get that people dont like being required to have health ins but come on, you need it. If you dont want it, would you be willing to sign something to the effect that you will liable for any & all emergency healthcare costs & wont seek taxpayer help for an ER Bill should it happen? (my idea for a compromise) Cant have cake & eat it both ways. Either you want government involvement out or you dont..

Also, so Trump is going to “bring back jobs.” How will he be accomplishing this? Will he & his billionaire buddies stop outsourcing to third world countries and start manufacturing in America? (highly doubt it), so again I ask-for your critical thinking practice,- what jobs have you been deprived of that hes “Bringing back”?

I hear lots of anti-immigrant rhetoric (but oddly nothing ab sending jobs overseas on his part, his family’s companies & other billionaires like him) but not much actual ideas. I live in a state filled with immigrants. And I myself have never wanted for the jobs they commonly work in. Please point me to the person that didnt become a lawyer or doctor because an immigrant stole that job & we’ll talk. ‪#‎FoodForThought‬

Also the fact that ths man claims that “everyone will be equal” but makes no promises to pass the ERA or any legislation to make this happen does not go unnoticed I hope. Yes you can treat everyone equal based on “merits” but that ignores the reality of a lot of things (privilege, discrimination, different populations limited access to things that would pull them up by their boot straps. A meritocracy does not see these things or factor them in unfortunately)

Just my 2 cents. Or 10. LOL. I’m not asking for a flamewar or even a response. I”m asking you to ponder & really think ab the claims he makes before declaring them to be true


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