Goodbye to IAmCait thank gawsh

So today in news, Caitlyn Jenners “reality” show has been canceled. I didnt watch & I dont care to honestly I find Caitlyn pretty insufferable & annoying as the rest of the Jenner-Kardsahian-West people
She’s a hypocrite. she supports some obvious pro-lbgtq+ policies, but she ignores the fact that her support of the RNC directly hurts the very trans people she calls herself an ambassador for. Plus I think someone that lived as a white man with all the privilege associated w/ that , she seems incredibly out of touch w/ any womens issues or LGBTQ issues…I mean…Trump is no friend of the trans community, good gawsh. Of course shes not relatable
Her saying “Conservatives care for the lbgtq community” says it all…especially when we’re facing the most hateful GOP platform in history. If only all the Kardashians could get off the media thatd be great



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