Halloween costumes: PC versus thoughtfulness

I recently saw a meme on Facebook showing a series of childrens costumes, each labeled with a different criticism of why its bad or unacceptable as a costume. The costumes were : a police woman for being “objectifying” (it was a little girls costume) , a Native American (“racist”) , an Army soldier (“violent”) ,  Superman (“ableist”), pirate (“Promotes rape culture”) & princess (“sexist”).

While I fully support being thoughtful and considerate in costume choices, I Think we as a society are paralyzing ourselves with political correctness.

I’m sorry. I’m all for a world where bias & prejudice doesn’t exist, but I’m not sure this is the right publicity campaign for it….we’re edging towards a society where everyone is an “ist” & “ism” of some kind. I’ll give an “ok I get that” to the native American costume but  points if it doesnt promote stereotypes (I really dont know, and what if the kid wearing it is native American? We have no way of knowing, maybe they just want to take pride in their culture) …but in general cultural appropriation of another race is kinda off limits…

The cop outfit is only objectifying because adults put adult meaning on it. The kid could wear it w/o dangling the handcuffs. The military same thing, Those are both respectable careers & should be a respectable costumes.
Superman, sorry not buying it. By that standard, any costume can be “ableist.” There are lots of characters in the superhero world with disabilities like blindness (daredevil), in wheelchairs (batgirl, lex luthor) (just examples). Not to mention all these costumes can be modified in multiple ways to fit whatever needs a person has or wants. If the little girl wants to be a princess w/ pants, get her some pants. Also toy guns arent allowed in a lot of Halloween parties/events nowadays anyways. Good gawsh. I think we live in a world where too many people want to be catered to instead of making an effort (though I do agree there are offensive costumes, most of these are not them in my opinion ) That is all.


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