Questions for Hillary

I am a Hillary supporter but I like real news and real facts.

I’d like answers to several questions as would my readers. People want to support Hillary but there are a lot of questions that are in the air still needing to be addressed.
~The emails: how did Hillary as Secretary of Defense not understand this was not a secure or good idea?
~Debbie Wasserman: what is Hillary’s relationship w/ Debbie? Why did Hillary not make any public statement re the DNC scandal involving Debbie –and then give her a position on her personal campaign staff? This looks terrible PR-wise.
~DNC: What does Hillary say about the allusion that the nomination process was “fixed” or manipulated in some way by the DNC? Is there any truth to this? Why hasn’t HRC not commented directly?

~How does Hillary REALLY feel about Bernie?

I have written to her contact page as well as the email for press questions. We’ll see if there’s answers. I know I cant consciously vote with so many questions in the air.



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