Its not about losing

I have a lot of respectful friends, conservs included.(thank you) but mostly  as a liberal leaning moderate, I feel stand alone politically. Currently I know several people blowing up their Facebooks to rail against those upset about the election, how “she didnt get the votes!” (yes she did) & how only people upset are only people who “want freebies” & are “hysterical for nothing.”
I gave them both the same response…to these middle class white guys with well paying  jobs, no pre existing conditions, no kids and secure housing.
“Trumps views on women have very real consequences. Trumps SCOTUS appointments will have very real consequences. People who have pre existing conditions and insurance for the first time have the right to be worried. LBGT people who are finally, legally married have very real worries. Women who need & deserve access to affordable birth control and family planning services have a right to be worried. It is terribly unfair for a middle class white guy with a full time job, no disabilities, no kids & no worries to rail against against people with very valid ones.I’ve tolerated 8 yrs of tantrums from the GOP Congress for not getting their way, but its very unfair to tell real people with real stakes that dont apply to you, not to be upset.”


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