to Hillary and to Donald

I just want to say thank you to hillary for being so questionable, DNC for being so corrupt….you used scare tactics to force a false unity. You know what? People were united, and you took our candidate away. I hope you learn next time to take “we the people ” seriously.
To the people blaming third party voters. No. Blame the system rigged against us that that seems like a valid excuse. We deserve choices. Maybe just maybe next time we will have them.
This started long before now. Think back to when we questioned what’s a “legitimate ” rape. Back to scotus proceedings on birth control. Back to Kim Davis and her “rights” over others.
Occupy. Black lives matter. These groups didn’t spring up without cause. They were responding to things unseen by factions of our nation.
I hate trump with every fiber of my being but hes a reflection of society that’s been headed this way a long time.
And he answers to us now. I hope he was lying his way through the campaign and I certainly think he was. I hope so.
But don’t forget there’s more of US than him.


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