Planned Parenthood, its in the name

Opposition to PP is but a symptom of a larger issue which we as a society are too ashamed or prideful to address. Defunding PP will not end abortion. History tells us that.

While conservatives will applaud band aids and short sighted solutions as victories they fail to recognize that PP is not the cause of abortion and therefore “defunding”  it will not end abortion, especially given the fact that they are not the major purveyors of the procedure.

I’m sure it comforts those who’d rather not know,  to think that abortions only happen in ramshackle clinics full of poor irresponsible people but the REALITY is that most major medical provides offer abortion services (Kaiser, Sutter), not to mention the procedure itself is needed to remove fetal tissue from a woman who’s miscarried but not expelled the fetus. It is neither a right to life issue or even healthy at that point for a woman to carry what amounts to dead tissue in her body to satisfy the “rights” others want to impose on that clump of dead cells. Furthermore the “PP sells baby parts” videos have been confirmed to be untrue and if anyone who GENUINELY cared would put forth the effort to research better than headline making news. Additionally PP is not government funded, they simply receive funds via low income people (the serve men too!) that come in with Medicaid/Medi-Cal, so while “defunding” it may certainly cause its budget to tighten it will not cause them to close. They receive funding from many sources including women with private insurance who choose to go there for their regular check ups. Because guess what? they do those too!

Want to prevent abortion? Teach your children about their bodies and how they work instead of talking about sex as a vague mystery that happens when you’re married. Even married people should know about sex, pregnancy, birth control and std prevention. That just commonsense. I’m married and I chose to have one pregnancy and one biological child. It would have been nice to have another child but it also seemed economically unfair to have more children than feasible. I have an IUD which costs quite a bit more than drugstore birth control options but you know what? It’s long term. Its not permanent. And it reliable. Of course the defenders of “life” would have people believe that IUDs “cause abortions.” This is such a profoundly ignorant statement I almost cant dumb myself down enough to respond. IUDs do not “cause abortions.” True if a woman gets pregnant with an IUD in their uterus it may cause miscarriage…so will a lot of things, and if someone wants to use the “God is in charge of all life” argument than surely its in Gods hands if a woman gets pregnant with an IUD & if that pregnancy remains viable, no? But back onto the subject of “IUDs cause abortions.” This is a stretch at the very best. If a woman is pregnant & gets an IUD implanted it may cause the pregnancy to terminate. That said, a woman would have to be in the very early stages of pregnancy/be unaware of said pregnancy for that to even be a possibility. Refer back to my “if you’re going to use the argument God is in charge of all life” statement so I don’t have to repeat myself. Other than THAT scenario, the REALITY is abortions as a whole are NOT performed that way & NO doctor would KNOWINGLY terminate a pregnancy this way. Now if conservatives want to argue “oh but a fetus is at risk then if a woman is unknowingly pregnant!” Well then, if that’s the bar we need to reach, its a low bar. One that would then involve banning just about anything that may or may not cause miscarriage prior to a woman knowing they’re pregnant. Good gosh that’s a long list.


I should add that personally I’m pro life and in fact am Christian, but I disagree with the philosophies and approaches used by my conservative counterparts. I would not want to be pregnant at this point in my life but if that happened I wouldn’t choose abortion. However my circumstances cannot be applied to everyone else who may face that same situation.I also look to other places where abortion is legal and available, but rare. What do those places do differently than us? Many things, namely communication in not being afraid to talk about sex with their kids  and comprehensive sex education in schools. Yes itd be great to eradicate abortion, or rather the need a woman would feel to have one, but that is not done by banning it.

Talk about how pregnancy does and does not happen. Teach boys about consent and don’t allow “boys will be boys ” attitudes about casual sex and the treatment of women. Teach girls that if they are going to engage in sex how to protect themselves and prevent pregnancy. Hold men accountable for the children they father both financially AND emotionally so that they don’t perpetuate a cycle of children with abandonment issues seeking love elsewhere. Stop crucifying women on welfare as entitled, while ignoring the missing part of the equation (the men) and letting that person (the father) off the hook of criticism. Stop talking about single mothers as irresponsible while holding up families with 19 kids as God’s gift and an ideal for trusting God with the size of your family. I’m NOT saying that’s not true but if that is the ideal shouldn’t it be true for everyone?

How are married couples on food stamps because they have more kids than they can afford not also “entitled “?
The thing is our society is perfectly comfortable with the idea that men don’t have to be fathers but deeply uncomfortable with the fact women may not want to be mothers, and that right there is the issue.