Inauguration (D) Day

On this Inauguration eve, we the people bid goodbye to President Barack Obama. Contrary to the picture of him painted by conservatives, President Obama was a GREAT President, and is a GREAT man. He did everything he said he would, or tried to. And he did so with open and public love and respect for his wife and daughters. Although the ACA hasn’t worked out as people hoped, critics forget that it was the GOP that contributed to these problems.The end result of the ACA was based on only what was allowed & approved by Congress. The one silver lining (if it can be called such a thing) in this new Administration will be the fact NONE of them have ANYONE to blame but themselves and each other. I hope it will be eye opening, for conservative citizens and government officials as well.


Under President Obama -and he IS still our President, and has been even after Election Day – the economy was stable. People who hadn’t had insurance in years had coverage (and still do).  lead global efforts to combat climate change and fought for equality for ALL. Trump will not do that, he just wont. He is appeasing the GOP with talk about “traditional values” (as only a 3x married man with 5 kids can). He doesn’t stand for women’s rights. He doesn’t stand for LGBTQ rights. He doesn’t stand for the poor. He doesn’t stand for immigrants. Who does he stand for then? well, look at his Cabinet choices. 99% older white rich men, corporate interests and fellow pals. This will be a bitter pill for many to swallow when they realize he doesn’t stand for them.  The good news is the only blame to be cast will be on himself or the GOP Congress. I am hopeful this will be eye opening for them as well as conservative voters.

I would love to suspend belief, critical thought and commonsense to believe the words being spun but sadly I have too much of all of that to let lies prevail.

So far every day of Trumps President-electhood has been opposite day. The start of it was when our country elected (or rather, the electoral college did) a privileged out of touch elitist with no experience running anything but his own self interests as President. I can only hope this experience changes him and he realizes the world is bigger than himself.


President-elect Trumps Cabinet choices are basically reflections of him in this regard. Instead of acknowledging his lack of experience in all areas of government, and putting experienced people around to guide and familiarize him, he has chosen people with nearly zero and sometimes completely contradictory experiences to hold key positions in his Cabinet.

He has publicly stated “drain the swamp” was just a campaign catchphrase. I think so was “make America great again.”


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