Just the facts ma’am (Womens March)

I feel its important for people to be informed. I am quite aware of how conservative news outlets report the Women’s Marches as “anti abortion protests” “the election”or “women’s right.” Its easy enough to criticize & say “what rights have you lost?” Its not ab lost rights. Its about Trumps past rhetoric, campaign rhetoric & continued rhetoric…and giving the country a visual that that is not ok. The march encompassed many things including immigrant rights, the environment, healthcare, reproductive care access (hint that doesn’t mean “abortion” but includes birth control access, medical care access, and women’s health in the broad sense) > This was not funded by George Soros, PP, etc & no one was paid.

If people choose to not inform themselves, thats their choice but please be mindful of that & choose not to spread lies & misinformation b/c it was on meme or fox news, or Ted Nugent or whatever. I “liked” all the Trumps pages b/c I would rather get my info firsthand, wouldn’t you? I also subscribe to foreign news outlets to see how American events are viewed elsewhere, and also a lot of Congress people’s email newsletters. I encourage you all to do the same.While I realize Fox News gives ppl news they’re comfortable with, please realize news you’re comfortable with isn’t necessarily unbiased news. Or truthful news. Or accurate. Information shouldn’t just make you comfortable or only subscribe to your chosen views. The term is “ignorance is bliss” is an accurate one.
Being informed is important & takes effort and due diligence in our current times of “alternate facts” (which used to be called lies)


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