the ACA: how its helped me

The ACA has helped me because I have a pre existing condition. Ive been turned down for life ins. & in my adult life health insurance approval was always an anxious process

I stayed on my mothers ins through age 25 b/c I got “disabled dependent” status in order to do so. When I got married things got a bit tough. I had ins through my own employer for awhile. When I left my job & went back to school, I applied for my own policy w/ Kaiser for private ins. Kaiser told me I might get denied for my condition EVEN THOUGH I HAD HAD KAISER MY ENTIRE LIFE b/c they treat each “new policy” as a “new patient.” Thankfully I got approved as I had also written a letter & attached w/ my application, explaining my condition had not caused problems since I was a child. A year later my husband got a job that provided health ins but even his employer’s group plan had a clause stating people w/ pre existing conditions could be denied . I again submitted information making it clear my condition had not caused any issue in my adult life.

Fast forward to last year and started to have severe neurological symptoms that no one could figure out & it turned out it was an issue w/ brain due to my condition (I have a shunt -plastic implant- in my brain which had failed). The hospital stay alone cost $54000 (billed to insurance), not including the surgery itself. Thankfully I had met me deductible at this point & didnt pay anything out of pocket.

I’m absolutely terrified that this next year when its open enrollment at my husbands job & I’ll need to renew my coverage I will not be so lucky & they may tell me no, b/c now they can.




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