Trans Resistance Against Trump

I recently attended a lecture at Sonoma State University as part of their “Feminist Lecture Series.” The theme of this lecture was “Trans Resistance Against Trump.” The speaker was a trans woman named Mia. Per her bio, “Mia Satya is a trailblazing community organizer with over a decade of advocacy experience. Mia Satya has served on over 10 committees in 5 San Francisco city government departments and played key roles in the re-authorization of the Children’s Fund that secured $150 million a year in critical services. Mia is the first transsexual graduate of Emerge, the premiere statewide political training program for women. In 2016 Mia was honored as San Fransisco Pride Grand Marshall and was elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Mia Satya is the founder of All Out: the LGBTQ+ Political Pipeline, which educates and connects youth to create change.”

Mia spoke about things that I as a cis woman had not thought about. OF course I think we’re all aware Trump isn’t exactly an advocate of trans rights, or womens’ rights in general.  Mia provided an overview of all the ways trans rights are impacted by areas of government — housing, healthcare, education, mental health, safety, incarceration…Government organizations and branches without a plan for dealing with trans people endangers trans people. (HHS, HUD, Census, DOE, SCOTUS)

In the last presidential election, trans communities supported Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who both sadly lost. There was and is a vast difference in views between presidential candidates of last year regarding trans rights (including our current president).


As with a lot of crimes where people fear for themselves or are shamed by the reporting process, trans crimes are underrepresented by statistics as they go underreported. Less than half a percent of the population is trans and yet trans crimes are disproportionately higher than a lot of other populations.

Trans people should have equal rights — everywhere. They should have protections in all areas of government oversight that affects them –military, policing (public safety laws), housing fairness, schools (bathrooms!) violence prevention & healthcare to deal with the community’s  specific needs.  The ACA covers (covered?) trans needs.


Additionally trans ppl arent being included in the census which is a HUGE disservice to the trans community but to everyone else. We deserve to know who our populations are. Trans ppl still need to fight for inclusion, even in areas of life they should be welcomed like the recent Women’s March. Hate crimes are reportedly up since Trump’s election. 78-80% of hate crimes are against trans people per Mia.

Trans rights to EXIST are the issue in this country, NOT bathrooms.


Ways that non-trans ppl can help is to call out rules and laws that are discriminatory, as well as situations where trans bigotry is on display.

Thank you Mia. I learned so much. I pledge to continue learning more. We all owe it to the trans community to learn the needs that government is ignoring and to create inclusion wherever its needed. Listen, call out. donate.


sources for more information:

National Center for Gender Equality

TGI Justice Project

Trans Women of Color

TAJA Coalition









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