You say I’m a DREAMer, but I’m not the only one

Today as many feared at the very beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, he chose to end the DACA program. In a statement on his official Facebook page and the White House official website, TRump claimed more of his “putting America first” rhetoric by citing “the unemployed and the forgotten.” While I’m sure that pads the egos of the bigoted, the racist and the plain ignorant..the reality is there’s no shortage of college opportunities here. There’s no shortage of spots in schools or jobs on Craigslist. If YOU are not qualified for a job, that is a YOU problem. If YOU don’t have the skills to compete in the job market, YOU can fix it. If YOU want to college, its as simple as applying, or in  terms of junior college GOING. The racist ignorant fool sector of our country -and don’t kid yourselves, its sizeable- is greatly apparent in the citing of “our” jobs, “our” schools, “our” rights, “our” tax dollars….

Well guess what? Schools are funded by property taxes. And plenty of immigrants own homes. Those are their tax dollars too!

“our jobs.” Whose jobs? There’s no reserve on jobs for you. If you cant compete with someone who had less advantages than you, that’s something for you to consider –in the seeking of getting yourself up to speed.

“our rights.” Um, no. All people have Constitutional rights in this country. The Constitution wasn’t written for some, it was written for all. Congress could have acted  had they truly felt DACA was “illegal.” They chose not to

Sadly its this sizeable sector that is more at fault for our current state than Trump. Trump is but a reflection playing to the masses. The neo Nazis, the KKK, the good ol’ boys, the middle America who chose to not  seek higher education and now find themselves edged out of a competitive workforce…they need someone to blame for their lacking. The NeoNazis, the KKK,  the good ol’ boys waving Confederate flags are the ones stuck in the past clinging to their coal mining jobs, the paper industry and all the other obsolete job seekers Trump has pandered to. They’d like to blame “immigrants” for their own lack of hindsight but truly the blame rests on them. The blame rests on us. For far too long we have allowed racism to persist in this country unacknowledged. We try to tell ourselves everyone is equal & everyone’s the same. And they are. But not everyone thinks that. A lot of people don’t think that. The cry for “our” jobs, “our” tax dollars, “our” rights…almost squarely comes from white men (& women) finding themselves having to compete on even footing for the first time in their lives.  No, you do not have claim to any job, any education, any opportunity you choose…YOU need to work for it too. Its a hard pill to swallow, and as we see now not everyone wants to.

DACA has caused no harm to us. C. DACA is representative of the ideals of what we once were, the melting pot, and we would do well to get there again.