Gun Control: there is no debate

“The Quarter Quell were written in the law by man, certainly it can be unwritten” (Hunger
Games: Catching Fire)

This past month has brought a new push towards gun control like none before. The Parkland shooting has brought forth a new movement from a group previously dismissed: teenagers. And they aren’t backing down. I feel hopeful in watching these younger people speaking out. They are inspiring to those of us in generations before them. We as adults must be moved to action too. Our country is long overdue for a firm conversation on gun control. We must insist on it – from each other, from our local, state and federal officials. We owe it to our children and ourselves.

In social media, any conversation quickly turns ugly Don’t be afraid of talking! Talk to your friends. Encourage dialogue. Insist on commonsense. Insist on respect. It is easy to dialogue within a bubble of agreement. The hard work is trying to communicate and find understanding among those with differing opinions. I’m not naive to the difficulties but try we must. This is how change happens.

In state buildings around the country, talk to your representatives. Remind them you are the voter. Share your views. Encourage representatives to act in ways that are constructive to the well being of the voters they represent,

On Capitol Hill, we must insist on getting big money out of politics. The NRA should NOT be able to buy votes and keep votes from coming to the floor. The NRA should only get a vote via its individual members and the ones they cast. Anything more is inappropriate and needs to be called out. These are OUR representatives and they need to answer to us. Our elected officials need reminding they are elected and so to can be unelected. They aren’t in their positions because they’re great people who deserve an endless stream of kickbacks and perks. They are there to serve us, we the people.

This sort of thinking is steeped in so many fallacies it stands to reason that the people worried about
having their guns taken away maybe are proving they aren’t fit to own them in the first place. I
understand that might be an inflammatory statement but it speaks to the truth I witness daily. People
who speak in fear and paranoia, not rooted in any logic, are not the sort of people who should be
allowed a weapon that can kill in a split second, can we at least agree on that? Folks the DMV did not take away cars when people were required to register them, pass a test showing a competence & get a
license proving capabilities. There is nothing wrong with us requiring the same for guns.

In looking outside of ourselves we an look towards other countries who have had success in this area.
There are many to choose from who have citizens free to bear arms but who also must show
competence both mentally and with regards to use of their firearm. This is just commonsense.

In supporting the activities of the younger set, such as the their national walkout, we must come
alongside as allies and do our own due diligence. We owe it to them.


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