Introducing..Caitlyn Jenner (with a C not K ;)

I’m reposting this article from This months Vanity Fair. It introduces the former Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn Jenner …and she looks amazing!

EDIT ok so I’m a slacker & just now getting back to this. Aug 1, bad.

Anyways by now EVERYONE has seen and gotten acquainted with Ms. Caitlyn Jenner. Although I consider myself an educated and aware person, I admit to being morbidly curious as to what Bruce turned Caitlyn would look like, hence my response to the Vanity Fair cover. She did look great, but I do hope in the enthusiasm to declare herself as woman, Caitlyn doesn’t uphold stereotypes that women work so hard to knock down. The VF post was of course beautiful but quite er, sexy too. I don’t think someone needs to be ultra feminine, sexual & made up in order to declare themselves a woman, but to each their own. I commend Caityln for being brave, showing herself to the world and using her fame to help others such as speaking at the ESPYs, meeting with trans parents on her new show etc. One actress recently stated they felt Caitlyn wasn’t acquainted enough with LGBT scene to be such a voice but I guess my straight self disagrees. I do see the point that she may not know each issue & be as steeped into the LGBT community as others yet but shes working with what she knows & using the momentum of newfound fame as Caitlyn to help people. That certainly is a worthy goal no matter what.