National Day of Patriotic Devotion

Trump can make a one time holiday via executive order but congress can approve to make it an annual one. So far I have not heard that proposed yet but we’ll see wont we? States can choose not to observe it. Just some added points   THat & only a true idiot declares a holiday after the fact. “I declare this a holiday..yesterday” But Trump being so out of touch & inexperienced likely doesnt even know this.Let him celebrate #PartyOfOne

Just the facts ma’am (Womens March)

I feel its important for people to be informed. I am quite aware of how conservative news outlets report the Women’s Marches as “anti abortion protests” “the election”or “women’s right.” Its easy enough to criticize & say “what rights have you lost?” Its not ab lost rights. Its about Trumps past rhetoric, campaign rhetoric & continued rhetoric…and giving the country a visual that that is not ok. The march encompassed many things including immigrant rights, the environment, healthcare, reproductive care access (hint that doesn’t mean “abortion” but includes birth control access, medical care access, and women’s health in the broad sense) > This was not funded by George Soros, PP, etc & no one was paid.

If people choose to not inform themselves, thats their choice but please be mindful of that & choose not to spread lies & misinformation b/c it was on meme or fox news, or Ted Nugent or whatever. I “liked” all the Trumps pages b/c I would rather get my info firsthand, wouldn’t you? I also subscribe to foreign news outlets to see how American events are viewed elsewhere, and also a lot of Congress people’s email newsletters. I encourage you all to do the same.While I realize Fox News gives ppl news they’re comfortable with, please realize news you’re comfortable with isn’t necessarily unbiased news. Or truthful news. Or accurate. Information shouldn’t just make you comfortable or only subscribe to your chosen views. The term is “ignorance is bliss” is an accurate one.
Being informed is important & takes effort and due diligence in our current times of “alternate facts” (which used to be called lies)


If I suspend commonsense & critical thought I guess Id be as excited about Trump as the folks on his FB page …but unfortunately I dont see an American hero. I see the man that made fun of a disabled person, says vulgar things about women, vulgar things about his own daughter, pats himself on the back because someone gave him a Purple Heart as a gift…this is NOT a man who cares about everyone, or anyone really. This campaign was little more than a nationwide ego tour for him full of rallies cheering for him. Becoming President was not a job for him, it was an accomplishment for his resume & ego. He clearly has NO clue how to run a country & this was obvious when he had no real concrete ideas, just snappy one liners via being a reality star. His ideas have no real basis or reality and yet conservs are sadly eating them up. Has America truly become land of the ignorant?

This year & past year in particular have motivated me to be more mindful of my time online & how I spend it. I un”like”-d a lot of pages that are just “noise” in my opinion. ….I’m more diligent about where I get my info from & I try to get news from a variety of places (NPR, PBS, plus Al Jazeera & BBC so I can see how the same events are reported elsewhere, plus the New Yorker which is lengthy usually but far more in depth than other news sources , my op, post.)… I actually got a subscription to the New Yorker. …That said I’m not afraid of alternate views but I will automatically disregard anything steeped in ignorance or hatred or the person has a sole source of information & its a random FB page, in which case I try to question in a way that might make them think ab where THEY get info from. Also, anyone that uses words like “libtard” either is in elementary school or not mature enough for an adult discussion, pass.

During the debates pre-election, it was clear he was far less qualified than Hillary. She had facts. She had ideas. He had…catchphrases and one liners. He enjoyed the spotlight and attaining a something & “winning” but he still has no concrete plans, liners and catchphrases. Is anyone actually surprised? I’m not.

I watched a video a conservative friend of mine posted of Trump, speaking to a cheering crowd. In it he was talking about “Building that wall” and how Mexico was going to pay for it, how we were going to “bring back jobs” from people that outsource to other countries & “immigrants” and how we were going to rebuild hospitals, building etc with American materials from American businesses with American labor…and the crowd cheered.

There’s so much in this one short speech that is unbelievable that its flooring how anyone could wholeheartedly accept ALL of it as true. First of all, someone ought to inform DT that he wont be President of Mexico. He cant make them do anything. Nor has he made any deals with their government to do so.

As far as bringing back jobs (quote-unquote) will he be doing that within his own companies first? His own family’s? Ivanka for instance manufactures clothes in China, Indonesia & Vietnam (source: New York Times, Teen Vogue, New York magazine and the Daily Mail) Additionally, his own hotels and businesses were built on the backs of illegal immigrant labor (source NBC, Hillary Clinton, Time Magazine). He in no way strikes me as genuine in anything he says but he’s clearly pandering to the agenda of the far right with the knowledge that it will get eaten up. Hes the man they’re carrying on their shoulders and cheering all the way to the White House without any regard for what they’ll do once they get there. His Cabinet nominees are older almost entirely Caucasian corporate people & fellow wealthy elite. (which his transition team director shockingly called “the most diverse” of any cabinet” ????? Maybe he has vision problems.)  Not a single one so far has any experience relevant to the position they are being appointed for. So far it seems DT is surrounding himself w/ other clueless fools so he wont feel left out.

On another note, the conservatives calling for respect of leaders, telling others to accept it, make the best of it, etc are nothing short of hypocrites. How quickly their minds fade and they forget their own behavior when Obama was elected, and re-elected. The evidence is all over the internet including DT’s own tweets. These people would do well to stop commenting and embarrassing themselves, but sadly ignorance is bliss. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people calling for people to “respect leaders” in regards to Trump, did so w/ the awareness that Barack Obama IS still President, and has been even after Election Day? Hmm.

I will not respect this leader. I will turn my back on this government and work to help others,  however I can. I’ll donate to Planned Parenthood. I’ll join the ACLU (already have) . I’ll call Senators (I have called every one of them regarding the ACA. Every.Single.One.) this is my country. But he is not my President.

Inauguration (D) Day

On this Inauguration eve, we the people bid goodbye to President Barack Obama. Contrary to the picture of him painted by conservatives, President Obama was a GREAT President, and is a GREAT man. He did everything he said he would, or tried to. And he did so with open and public love and respect for his wife and daughters. Although the ACA hasn’t worked out as people hoped, critics forget that it was the GOP that contributed to these problems.The end result of the ACA was based on only what was allowed & approved by Congress. The one silver lining (if it can be called such a thing) in this new Administration will be the fact NONE of them have ANYONE to blame but themselves and each other. I hope it will be eye opening, for conservative citizens and government officials as well.


Under President Obama -and he IS still our President, and has been even after Election Day – the economy was stable. People who hadn’t had insurance in years had coverage (and still do).  lead global efforts to combat climate change and fought for equality for ALL. Trump will not do that, he just wont. He is appeasing the GOP with talk about “traditional values” (as only a 3x married man with 5 kids can). He doesn’t stand for women’s rights. He doesn’t stand for LGBTQ rights. He doesn’t stand for the poor. He doesn’t stand for immigrants. Who does he stand for then? well, look at his Cabinet choices. 99% older white rich men, corporate interests and fellow pals. This will be a bitter pill for many to swallow when they realize he doesn’t stand for them.  The good news is the only blame to be cast will be on himself or the GOP Congress. I am hopeful this will be eye opening for them as well as conservative voters.

I would love to suspend belief, critical thought and commonsense to believe the words being spun but sadly I have too much of all of that to let lies prevail.

So far every day of Trumps President-electhood has been opposite day. The start of it was when our country elected (or rather, the electoral college did) a privileged out of touch elitist with no experience running anything but his own self interests as President. I can only hope this experience changes him and he realizes the world is bigger than himself.


President-elect Trumps Cabinet choices are basically reflections of him in this regard. Instead of acknowledging his lack of experience in all areas of government, and putting experienced people around to guide and familiarize him, he has chosen people with nearly zero and sometimes completely contradictory experiences to hold key positions in his Cabinet.

He has publicly stated “drain the swamp” was just a campaign catchphrase. I think so was “make America great again.”

Planned Parenthood, its in the name

Opposition to PP is but a symptom of a larger issue which we as a society are too ashamed or prideful to address. Defunding PP will not end abortion. History tells us that.

While conservatives will applaud band aids and short sighted solutions as victories they fail to recognize that PP is not the cause of abortion and therefore “defunding”  it will not end abortion, especially given the fact that they are not the major purveyors of the procedure.

I’m sure it comforts those who’d rather not know,  to think that abortions only happen in ramshackle clinics full of poor irresponsible people but the REALITY is that most major medical provides offer abortion services (Kaiser, Sutter), not to mention the procedure itself is needed to remove fetal tissue from a woman who’s miscarried but not expelled the fetus. It is neither a right to life issue or even healthy at that point for a woman to carry what amounts to dead tissue in her body to satisfy the “rights” others want to impose on that clump of dead cells. Furthermore the “PP sells baby parts” videos have been confirmed to be untrue and if anyone who GENUINELY cared would put forth the effort to research better than headline making news. Additionally PP is not government funded, they simply receive funds via low income people (the serve men too!) that come in with Medicaid/Medi-Cal, so while “defunding” it may certainly cause its budget to tighten it will not cause them to close. They receive funding from many sources including women with private insurance who choose to go there for their regular check ups. Because guess what? they do those too!

Want to prevent abortion? Teach your children about their bodies and how they work instead of talking about sex as a vague mystery that happens when you’re married. Even married people should know about sex, pregnancy, birth control and std prevention. That just commonsense. I’m married and I chose to have one pregnancy and one biological child. It would have been nice to have another child but it also seemed economically unfair to have more children than feasible. I have an IUD which costs quite a bit more than drugstore birth control options but you know what? It’s long term. Its not permanent. And it reliable. Of course the defenders of “life” would have people believe that IUDs “cause abortions.” This is such a profoundly ignorant statement I almost cant dumb myself down enough to respond. IUDs do not “cause abortions.” True if a woman gets pregnant with an IUD in their uterus it may cause miscarriage…so will a lot of things, and if someone wants to use the “God is in charge of all life” argument than surely its in Gods hands if a woman gets pregnant with an IUD & if that pregnancy remains viable, no? But back onto the subject of “IUDs cause abortions.” This is a stretch at the very best. If a woman is pregnant & gets an IUD implanted it may cause the pregnancy to terminate. That said, a woman would have to be in the very early stages of pregnancy/be unaware of said pregnancy for that to even be a possibility. Refer back to my “if you’re going to use the argument God is in charge of all life” statement so I don’t have to repeat myself. Other than THAT scenario, the REALITY is abortions as a whole are NOT performed that way & NO doctor would KNOWINGLY terminate a pregnancy this way. Now if conservatives want to argue “oh but a fetus is at risk then if a woman is unknowingly pregnant!” Well then, if that’s the bar we need to reach, its a low bar. One that would then involve banning just about anything that may or may not cause miscarriage prior to a woman knowing they’re pregnant. Good gosh that’s a long list.


I should add that personally I’m pro life and in fact am Christian, but I disagree with the philosophies and approaches used by my conservative counterparts. I would not want to be pregnant at this point in my life but if that happened I wouldn’t choose abortion. However my circumstances cannot be applied to everyone else who may face that same situation.I also look to other places where abortion is legal and available, but rare. What do those places do differently than us? Many things, namely communication in not being afraid to talk about sex with their kids  and comprehensive sex education in schools. Yes itd be great to eradicate abortion, or rather the need a woman would feel to have one, but that is not done by banning it.

Talk about how pregnancy does and does not happen. Teach boys about consent and don’t allow “boys will be boys ” attitudes about casual sex and the treatment of women. Teach girls that if they are going to engage in sex how to protect themselves and prevent pregnancy. Hold men accountable for the children they father both financially AND emotionally so that they don’t perpetuate a cycle of children with abandonment issues seeking love elsewhere. Stop crucifying women on welfare as entitled, while ignoring the missing part of the equation (the men) and letting that person (the father) off the hook of criticism. Stop talking about single mothers as irresponsible while holding up families with 19 kids as God’s gift and an ideal for trusting God with the size of your family. I’m NOT saying that’s not true but if that is the ideal shouldn’t it be true for everyone?

How are married couples on food stamps because they have more kids than they can afford not also “entitled “?
The thing is our society is perfectly comfortable with the idea that men don’t have to be fathers but deeply uncomfortable with the fact women may not want to be mothers, and that right there is the issue.

Electoral College, a bygone institution

“For diehard Democrats holding out hope that they won’t have to live through a Trump presidency, there is a last, incredibly long shot for them latch on to — a surprise twist in the Electoral College. Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000, Trump has won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. As of late Wednesday, he had 290 to Clinton’s 228. According to the Constitution, chosen electors of the Electoral College are the real people who will vote for president, when they meet on Dec. 19 in their respective state capitals. However, there is nothing stopping any of the electors from refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound or by abstaining … ” – New York Post

As of yesterday, CNN put the popular vote figures at 47.5% Trump and 47.7% Clinton. It’s a small margin but it’s there. Hillary won the popular vote. Yet our “modern day” election system is based on an archaic historic election system rendering the votes “for the people and by the people” obsolete. It’s time to change this.

While the electoral college had its uses back in history, it’s use is questionable now. It does not serve the people. It serves the ruling class. This is not a democracy.

While we can still appeal to electors to change their votes before December 19th when they meet, this is a longshot.

Another longshot, but a worthwhile cause, is abolishing the electoral college once and for all.

Created  in 1787, the Electoral College supersedes the popular vote by organizing votes on a state-by-state basis. Historians say it was created as means to protect slavery (according to WGBH).  Hillary Clinton is the fourth president to lose the White House because of the Electoral College, despite having more votes.In a recent poll by the Metro News, 75 percent of readers said the presidency should be determined by the popular vote.

It would seem difficult to end something long revered as a cornerstone of our country’s history, but its time. And it can be done. The Electoral College is enshrined in the 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and therefore requires a constitutional amendment, outlined in Article 5. Congress can propose an amendment with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures.It must be ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three-fourths.Finding a majority in a victorious Republican-held government might be a problem, though, but in two years there will be another election and more members could be swapped out.

In 2005, Representative Gene Green from Texas introduced the Every Vote Counts Amendment. The text of it reads  “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish the electoral college and to provide for the direct popular election of the President and Vice President of the United States.” This is what a government “for the people and by the people” should be. I understand the electoral college has its place in history. Perhaps we could retain it and give them a symbolic vote, but currently our system gives the people only a symbolic vote, ad that is not a democracy.

I personally spent the morning calling and writing to senators and representatives to reconsider the Every Vote Counts amendment, and I will continue pushing this agenda even if it takes another four years.