Remembering Tiger

I found the DA’s email addy online so I emailed him. I dont excpect much since its TX.

Recently in the news there was a case about a woman-a vet tech-named Kristen LIndsey. This woman posted a photo of herself with a cat that she’d shot in the head with an arrow. In the photo she was smiling holding the dying animal and exclaiming her glee for having killed it. Not long after it was discovered this was not a feral cat but a neighbors domestic cat that had gone missing around the time Ms Lindsey killed the cat in  her photo. At that point, Lindsey changed her story to say that she thought the cat was “rabid” and was “protecting her pets.’ The DA recently announced they would not be pressing charges.Theres a Facebook page for the cat in remembrance of Tiger.

People are also encouraged to post their own cat photos on their own pages with the hashtag “IAmTiger” …

Those wanting to do more can email the DA



More action…..Contact the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. They have yet to decide whether she’ll lose her license.

Heres a link to one of the articles about this incident:

Heres the letter I sent the DA:

“Dear Sir, I am writing you on behalf of a cat named Tiger. Tiger, you see, is the cat Kristen Lindsey posed with in a horrifying photo online. Your office recently chose not to press charges citing lack of evidence in spite of Ms. Lindsey basically providing it herself I’m sure a highly skilled DA such as yourself could easily punch holes in her claim that she thought it was a feral, rabid animal and that she was protecting her pets from it. I urge you to look at the fact that this woman has training to tell the difference between tame & feral animals.. that .or else she is a very poor vet tech. She should have had the ability to recognize rabies in an animal. There was no foam around the mouth of the cat in her photo & simple testing of the animal could conclusively determine whether or not it was rabid, in addition, seeking Tiger’s vet records from its owners who are now despondent, could have provided those answers. I dont know if you simply have no interest in animals or if you have personal connection to Ms. Lindsey but for there to not be a single charge against her in this case is a travesty. The claim i heard on the news was that there was a lack of evidence. I find this questionable i light of the many points any logical person could conclude from this situation. As a vet tech she feared this animal might have rabies & she was “protecting” her pets, but he had time to go get a bow & arrow, aim it & pose for a photo? with an animal she suspected had rabies??? but shes not wearing any gloves or protection from disease? Hmm. And as a vet tech, she didnt know the ph# to call animal control or cant tell the difference between a tame cat & a feral one either I suppose? She in no way looks terrified in the photo she posed for. No evidence indeed. I urge you to rethink this.



Introducing..Caitlyn Jenner (with a C not K ;)

I’m reposting this article from This months Vanity Fair. It introduces the former Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn Jenner …and she looks amazing!

EDIT ok so I’m a slacker & just now getting back to this. Aug 1, bad.

Anyways by now EVERYONE has seen and gotten acquainted with Ms. Caitlyn Jenner. Although I consider myself an educated and aware person, I admit to being morbidly curious as to what Bruce turned Caitlyn would look like, hence my response to the Vanity Fair cover. She did look great, but I do hope in the enthusiasm to declare herself as woman, Caitlyn doesn’t uphold stereotypes that women work so hard to knock down. The VF post was of course beautiful but quite er, sexy too. I don’t think someone needs to be ultra feminine, sexual & made up in order to declare themselves a woman, but to each their own. I commend Caityln for being brave, showing herself to the world and using her fame to help others such as speaking at the ESPYs, meeting with trans parents on her new show etc. One actress recently stated they felt Caitlyn wasn’t acquainted enough with LGBT scene to be such a voice but I guess my straight self disagrees. I do see the point that she may not know each issue & be as steeped into the LGBT community as others yet but shes working with what she knows & using the momentum of newfound fame as Caitlyn to help people. That certainly is a worthy goal no matter what.